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Grade 6-8

A Different Middle School
Middle School is an opportunity for you to examine new ideas, discover lifelong friends, prepare yourself for the challenge of high school, and explore your own unique talents, attitudes and abilities.
The Athenian School is the ideal place for such a journey. Our program is nationally recognized for its integration of challenging academics, hands-on learning, global education, leadership training and community service opportunities.
Athenian’s innovative curriculum, personal attention to students, extensive array of sports, arts and other enrichment activities, and exquisite campus combine to make the middle school years life-changing ones for our students.
At Athenian you’ll have unique opportunities for learning and personal growth:
Individual Attention
Our student-faculty ratio is 10:1; our average class size is 15-18 students. Teachers know each student.
Expansive Curriculum and Facilities
Each day our students take full courses in the arts, physical education, three world languages, and an elective course — along with their academic core courses in English, social studies, math, and science. Many courses integrate multiple subjects as well as research, writing, public speaking and critical analysis. Our students enjoy the extraordinary facilities of a beautiful 75-acre campus with areas for Middle and Upper Schools. Advanced Middle School students can take a world language and a math class in the Upper School.

Hands-on and Outdoor Learning
Education is experiential, built on inquiry-based learning in our classrooms, laboratories, the technology center, the arts center, the libraries and across our beautiful 75-acre campus. We utilize our campus, as well as the parks and wilderness of the Bay Area, to pursue experiences in science and environmental awareness.

Field Trips
We use the rich offerings of the greater Bay Area as the backdrop to learn lessons in art, culture, science, literature, social sciences and more.

Focus Days
From Salon (role-playing historical figures) and Baseball Draft (with teamwork, statistics, and computers) to Dance Revolution and Olympics day, Focus Days are a uniquely powerful way to immerse yourself in a subject and take learning beyond the conventional.

Interim Trips
Faculty-led adventures each spring in our Interim program have recently taken our 6th graders to three days of camping at Pinnacles National Monument; 7th graders on language and cultural immersion trips to Yucatan, Mexico, and Quebec, Canada; and our 8th graders to our nation’s capital, Washington DC.

After School Activities
We offer an unusual array of fun and rewarding activities, including our on-campus (real!) airplane construction project, award-winning robotics team, a wide variety of athletics, homework club, Middle School socials, community service and more.

Young Round Square
The Middle School participates in the Young Round Square organization. Middle School students can attend international conference and take leadership roles that promote activism within their schools and communities. Young Round Square students take part in exciting projects supporting service, adventure and the environment.

Preparation for High School and College
Athenian's Middle School students can continue their studies at Athenian's distinguished college preparatory Upper School, which has a diverse student body that includes students from around the world. Virtually 100% of the Upper School students gain admission to an outstanding array of 4-year colleges.