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Grade 9-12

There are many high schools that can lead you to the college of your choice. At Athenian, your high school years can be much more than that.
Athenian’s college preparatory curriculum is infused with hands-on learning experiences. Classes are small, lessons are interactive, and teachers serve as mentors and guides for students in their educational process. Our program is designed to create confident, creative, curious people who understand the wider world and seek to make a difference in it. We give our graduates the intellectual and interpersonal skills that help them thrive in a rapidly changing, increasingly global community. Students leave Athenian eager to build lives of purpose and personal fulfillment — in college, in careers, in their personal lives, and in every corner of the globe — from Danville to Darfur. At Athenian, you’ll find a unique integration of challenging academics, experiential education, and a strong and supportive learning community.
You’ll also have experiences you won’t find elsewhere:
International exchange, service projects and 2-week student conferences with over 60 Round Square schools on six continents.
The Athenian Wilderness Experience — 26 days of personal discovery in the junior year.
An unusually broad array of opportunities in the visual and performing arts, athletics and special interest activities.
A commitment to an inclusive community as shown by our expansive academic and co-curricular offerings, international students and opportunities, financial aid program, enrollment from throughout the East Bay and the world, significant ethnic and cultural populations, and variety of individuals, families and perspectives.
Hands-on learning, here on campus, every day: biodiesel project; interview teacher candidates; build award-winning robots and more.
Nationally recognized community service programs close to home and around the globe.
75 exquisitely beautiful acres in which to explore, take a class, relax, build friendships and feel at home.
Athenian Students on the Academic Experience
Teachers: They Care About Us and We Care About Them: Gabe E. '14
The teachers here at Athenian are amazing. They are all extremely knowledgeable about their respective subject areas and are great at teaching us that information. But what sets them apart is the caring, individualized approach to teaching that they embody. All my teachers make sure that every student is challenged and also understands the material. They might meet with you outside of class, or arrange one-on-one tutoring. No matter what, they’ll make sure that they don’t leave anyone behind. And even better, our teachers are more than expert dispensers of knowledge. They are coaches, advisors, and chaperones. They lead Interim trips from San Francisco to Ireland. Teachers often will supervise clubs based on their own personal interests. They are still teachers, but they are also our respected mentors and guides. They care about us and we care about them. I feel so lucky to have that bond with my teachers, and that is what makes teachers at Athenian unique.          

Teachers are More Than Teachers: Ariana F. '14
When I think of all that I have gained from my Athenian education and the ways in which I have succeeded throughout the years I have been a student here, I know that I owe so much of this to the incredible teachers I have had.  Athenian’s small class sizes have allowed me to get to know my teachers well, and for them to really get to know my classmates and me as individual students.  Something that I feel makes my teachers different from those at other schools is that they take on roles as not only academic educators, but also mentors who give me the inspiration I need to overcome any challenge that arises.  Athenian offers many unique classes, created by teachers who are passionate about these topics, which makes class sessions even more enriching.  I am so grateful to my teachers for providing me with the opportunity to attend school in such a creative and supportive environment.