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Welcome to The Athenian School, where we believe that life is an adventure of intellectual exploration and meaningful contribution. Every day, Athenian students from the East Bay and around the world practice leadership, teamwork, empathy, and global citizenship while mastering academic subjects by experiencing their application firsthand. I came to work at Athenian in 2009 because Athenian's mission, which embraces intellectual curiosity and community involvement, inspired me. Rare indeed is the school that encourages its students to do well academically and to do good in the world. Athenian is just such a place.

Now in my ninth year, I have come to recognize what makes Athenian different from our peer schools. All independent schools tout their differences, and yet I am now more convinced than ever that Athenian remains unique amongst the many excellent independent schools in the Bay Area. Every Friday, our Middle School students depart from the daily schedule for field trips, hands-on projects, and daylong activities. We infuse multiculturalism in everything we do as the only East Bay boarding school with an international student body. We are also part of an international consortium of schools and last year we sent 32 students on exchange to 15 countries. We universally value outdoor adventure and we embed it into our Middle and Upper School curricula, regularly taking advantage of our expansive campus. Finally, we define achievement as a meaningful life and we see our School’s values come alive in the colleges our students choose and in the lives our alumni lead in a variety of ways. I am confident that an Athenian education is what our kids need to be the best versions of themselves and to contribute to the world.

During our 50th Anniversary, we asked our students what it means to be an Athenian. I was touched by how clearly they “get it.” I repeatedly read on their index cards themes of community, family, life-long learning, contributing to the world, learning from failure, and holding multiple perspectives. Our students said it best:

“To be an Athenian means to feel safe, protected. It’s nice to feel close to the teachers. We feel loved.” -Georgia ‘21

“An Athenian is someone who learns from his/her experiences and takes that knowledge and applies it to their life, then goes out and strives to make a difference--whether big or small--in the greater world.” - Annemarie  ‘17

“For me, being an Athenian means being a well-rounded person in general. It means travelling and leaving the bubble of Danville. It means experiencing the world for how it is. It means appreciating the outdoors and feeling connected to nature. It means bonding with friends over what matters most to you. It means being educated for life, not just school.” -Lexi ‘18

“To be an Athenian means that one has the ability to approach any situation, whether it be academic, social, or personal and look at the dilemma from all angles, weigh options and thoughts of others, and make a decision that may not be the best for them, but the best for the world around them.” - Aaron Weinmann ‘15

This year, we are embarking on the next phase of Athenian’s development by ensuring that our physical campus more fully supports the power of our academic program. Our campus is unmatched in its 75 acres of beautiful California golden hills, and our new indoor classrooms, Main Hall, and Carter Innovation Studio enhance the student experience in the heart of the Upper School.

I invite you to come learn about Athenian.  Explore our website and come visit us in person to see why 50 years of graduates say Athenian is "school as it should be."

Welcome to Athenian.

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      Middle School Graduation 2014

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