Team First

We encourage all students to participate and represent the Owls in interscholastic athletics.
At Athenian, we develop student-athletes who display good sportsmanship, are positive role models, and are committed to their school, teammates, and coaches. The Athenian coaching staff stresses team first over individual achievement and promotes overall team success and values. This results in strong social bonds across grade levels that often persist beyond the high school years. The Athenian School recognizes that its interscholastic athletic program is an integral part of the total education program. In addition to athletic skill development, we instill in our athletes attitudes and behaviors that reflect the ideals of citizenship, sportsmanship and cooperation, as well as building self-discipline and self-esteem. Students have fun playing sports at Athenian, so much so that 80 percent of our Upper School student body participates in at least one sport.

Athenian School Coaching Staff

All of us in the Athletics Department are very excited for the season to get underway. If your child has signed up for an US Fall sports team, the coach will be contacting you about the season. Below you will find contact information for the coaches. If you have any questions please contact the coach directly. You can also view the Fall Sports Schedules on the Athletics Calendar of the schools website at www.athenian.org

Athletic Director: Darek Cliff (dcliff@athenian.org)
Interim Assistant Athletic Director: Zach Holt (zholt@athenian.org
Middle School Athletic Director: Nabil Saad (nsaad@athenian.org)
Baseball: Matt Crudale (mcrudale@athenian.org)
Basketball (Women’s): Dave Rosenberg (drosenberg@athenian.org)
Basketball (Men’s): Jordan Boreman (jboreman@athenian.org)
Cross Country: Zach Holt (zholt@athenian.org)
Club Sailing: Bruce Hamren (bhamren@athenian.org)
Golf: Contact Athletic Director (dcliff@athenian.org)
Lacrosse (Women’s): Susie Childs (schilds@athenian.org)
Soccer (Men’s): Matt Zahner (mzahner@athenian.org)
Swimming: Samantha Bishop (sbishop@athenian.org)
Tennis (Men’s): Glen Oetman (goetman@athenian.org)
Tennis (Women’s): Glen Oetman (goetman@athenian.org)
Track and Field: Zach Holt (zholt@athenian.org)
Volleyball (Women’s): Jennifer Plumley (jplumley@athenian.org)
Wrestling: Ted Webb (twebb@athenian.org)

Teams & Schedules

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  • Representing the Owls

    Interscholastic Athletics
    Athenian competes with approximately 30 schools in the North Coast Section Division 5. Athenian teams are consistently invited to the North Coast Section end-of-season tournaments, placing in the top half of our division. In recent years, Athenian’s athletic success has brought home numerous league championships and we continue to be one of the stronger athletic programs in the North Coast Section Division 5. Our success has afforded many of our student-athletes to continue playing at the college level.

Athletic Facilities

Athenian is proud to be home to some of the best athletics facilities in the area. Our Middle and Upper School students enjoy the use of a turf soccer field, pristine baseball and softball fields, a swimming pool, two gyms, an athletics & fitness center, and a one-mile trail. We partner with the Blackhawk Tennis Villas and Diablo Golf Course for our tennis and golf teams as well as a local school’s track for track and field.

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  • Owls in College

    Once an Owl, Always an Owl
    Since 2011, our student-athletes have continued playing their sport at the following schools:

Natalie K. '16

From this newfound drive and determination, I have seen significant improvements in my swimming that I never thought was possible and a sense of accomplishment, no matter the outcome, because I know I have done my best. This lesson (from my coach) has transcended beyond the swimming pool and I’ve applied it to all aspects of my life. I have tried to challenge myself and try new things whether it is by committing to talking twice in every class or go completely out of my comfort zone and decide to participate in a community service trip in South Africa this coming summer.

Athletic Department

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    Darek Cliff 

    Director of Athletics
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    Nabil Saad 

    PE Instructor & MS Athletic Director
  • Photo of Zach Holt

    Zach Holt 

    US Interim Assistant Director of Athletics