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COVID-19 Protocol for the 2022 - 2023 School Year

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year. Athenian's COVID guidelines are informed by current state and county public health requirements and recommendations and will continue to be adjusted accordingly throughout the school year.

Below you'll find our latest COVID-related guidelines, news, and resources.

General FAQs

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  • Is there a risk of COVID at school?

    We expect to have cases in school reflecting transmission in the general community. Our Safety Plan includes procedures for handling and identifying positive cases, and other risk mitigating measures to decrease transmission at school. For further protection, get vaccinated (and boosted, if eligible).
  • What happens if someone at school has COVID?

    Athenian is using a group notification approach as recommended by the California Department of Public Health. We will advise any impacted members of the Athenian community, while protecting individual privacy. All local and state public health guidance will be followed. See our Case Response Overview for more information.
  • Will face masks be mandatory at school?

    Per CDPH guidelines, we “strongly recommend” masks in indoor settings, including on school transportation and for indoor athletics. Paper surgical masks (3-layer) or KN95 masks (5-layer) provide greater protection than cloth masks. For more on mask efficacy, see here.

    We ask that students and employees wear masks in the specific situations listed here:
    • When required to by an outside organization or the location of a specific event, trip, or activity (field trips and adventures).
    • After a known exposure in the community, at home, or at school per CDPH masking guidance - close contacts should wear a well-fitting mask for a total of 10 days, especially in indoor settings and when near those at higher risk for severe COVID-19 disease. 
    • After a COVID diagnosis - mask for 10 days after the positive test or start of symptoms, even if cleared for earlier return with a negative test per CDPH guidelines.
    In keeping with COVID-19 guidance, we encourage anyone who wants to continue wearing a mask, indoors or outdoors, to do so, no questions asked. Athenian will continue to have masks available for students and visitors. 

  • Will Athenian require COVID testing?

    Athenian will follow the CDPH and CDC recommendations regarding who and when to test, guided by the Contra Costa County case rates. Any symptomatic student, regardless of vaccination status, will require COVID testing. If a student feels ill while at school, the Health Center will test the student prior to the student going home with symptoms. Athenian will continue to provide group testing during outbreaks, higher risk activities, and at the direction of the county and state. We will be requiring at-home antigen testing prior to the return from summer and long school breaks for community safety.
  • Is Athenian mandating COVID vaccines?

    For the 2022-2023 school year, vaccinations will be required for all new and returning students, faculty and staff. Boosters are required for our boarding students and strongly recommended for day students.
  • Will students be asked to check for symptoms before coming to school?

    Each day that students come to campus, we ask that your family assess if your student is free from cold or flu-like symptoms.  Please keep your student home if ill.
  • If one person in my home has COVID how does that impact my student?

    The person with COVID must isolate themselves from other family members to prevent additional exposures. Isolation and quarantine guidance is linked here. Your Athenian student should also take an antigen test on the day a household member tests positive to ensure they are negative prior to coming to school. Your Athenian student and others in the home may continue to attend school and activities after the known exposure if they have no symptoms, tested negative as above, and follow the recommended guidelines: conduct daily symptom checks, test 5 days after exposure, and wear well-fitted masks indoors at all times and outdoors if within 6 feet of others until 10 days after the last exposure.

  • Are visitors allowed on campus?

    Campus is open to visitors.. Some on campus events may remain online in 2022-23.

    As we begin to open campus to visitors, please make note of our updated visitor guidelines:
    • All vaccine-eligible visitors/volunteers are expected to be fully vaccinated.
    • We strongly recommend that all visitors/volunteers wear a three-layer mask while indoors on campus.
    Do not come to campus if you are not feeling well. Review this list of Signs and Symptoms


Additional Resources

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  • Current COVID case count at Athenian

    When school is in session you can find the COVID case count (students and employees) on our real-time dashboard here. Note that this is not a cumulative case tracker, but rather reflects the current status of known cases in our community. Positives remain on the dashboard for 10 days from the day they are reported.
  • COVID Case Response Overview

    Here is the link to Athenian's Case Response Overview.
  • Student Guidelines (positive test)

    The state mandated quarantine/isolation period has not changed since last spring. A visual explanation can be found here.  

    We will continue to provide Google Meet (previously Zoom) class audit options for students who are unable to attend school during their COVID quarantine/isolation period, when and if they feel well enough to audit their classes remotely.

    As required by the public health department, we will continue to send group notifications when a student or employee tests positive and is on campus during their infectious period. 
  • Contra Costa Health Services - COVID

    Contra Costa COVID health services here.
  • Athenian Safety Plan

    Athenian worked in partnership with expert consultants to develop a comprehensive and evolving Safety Plan linked here. This plan is currently being updated for the 2022-23 school year.