Athenian Memory Book

Now over half a century old, The Athenian School has a rich, diverse history. We are documenting its growth in a book of short essays by former students and faculty and need your help to complete it. 
If you have memories of the School you’d like to share with others, please send them our way!  We invite you to write about what feels most present for you, though we have also provided some suggested topics and format guidelines. Photographs are also encouraged.
Reconnect with the school, keep its legacy alive, and give back in a lasting and meaningful way. We look forward to hearing from you!

Submission Guidelines

Our goal is to include two to three essays for each academic year, plus additional sections on summer sessions and NOBS/AWE experiences. The book will provide the reader with a vivid sense of how each academic year was different from the others, and how the school itself learned and evolved from each stage of its development.  We look forward to receiving your submissions. 
Content: Your essay can be about anything you consider significant for the time frame you are writing about. Your name and the subject academic year (e.g. 1980-81) should be identified at the top.
Suggestions for topics include:
  • Courses you took that were especially meaningful to you;  
  • What it was like to be a boarding or day student at the time;
  • Notable memories of other students, faculty, and staff;
  • A particular moment of learning, inspiration, hilarity, or overcoming a challenge;
  • A hilarious memory of hijinx and shenanigans;
  • How the current social climate and your own background affected your experience at Athenian;
  • Any special projects you undertook, or any discoveries or realizations that were a part of your Athenian education; and
  • Descriptions of the physical plant, and any new buildings.
Format: Essays may be between 200-400 words. They can be written as a subjective, first-person description of your experiences, or as a more objective account. Submitting essays in Word or other commonly used word processing format will be helpful, but is not critical. Please polish your work before submitting. Light editing for consistency in tone may be done before publication.  
What to Avoid: Anything so personal to yourself that others might not appreciate its significance, anything that might be libelous, stories about how you broke the law, etc. Common sense and keeping your audience in mind will avoid any problems.
Photographs: Please include when and where taken, and by whom. To the extent possible, identify any individuals included.

Please name all files with the format Classyear.LastnameFirstname.Photo title.  
Example: 1973.SadieSmith.JamesontheSwing
Contact & Consents: Thank you for providing all of your contact information.  It is important that we can contact you in the event we need more details about your submission.
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