Aarav A.

Graduation year: 2024
Hometown: San Ramon
Previous Schools: Coyote Creek and Doris Eaton

What advice would you give to a student thinking about coming to Athenian?

The one piece of advice I have is to try new things. The numerous opportunities and paths you can take at Athenian really challenge you and help you to grow as a person. I didn't know what I wanted to do once I grew up or went to college, but after being on the Robotics Team and taking new science classes, I discovered that I want to go into science in the future. 

What is the best thing about Athenian?

The best thing about Athenian is its focus on experiential learning. I haven't gone on Athenian Wilderness Experience (AWE) yet, but I've done March Term and community service projects. I think March Term has been helpful in expanding my interests and growing my curiosity in new topics. Last year, I did the Technology and Social Justice class. It was interesting to see how those two fields interact and combine. We learned that there is social inequality within technology, but it can also be used to prevent/solve social inequities.