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Come play a sport at Athenian! At Athenian, we focus on developing student-athletes who display good sportsmanship, are positive role models, and committed athletes to our school, teammates, and coaches. In the Middle School, we offer the following interscholastic team sports: basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, and ultimate Frisbee. An opportunity to try new sports, we welcome students with or without club experience and no students are cut from teams. 

Athletics Team Information

Physical Education

In P.E., you'll learn about and play different group sports from around the world while practicing teamwork and good sportsmanship. You'll learn about nutrition and anatomy as you increase your strength and endurance. We hope you will discover fitness as a source of well-being and enjoyment for you throughout your life. 

In P.E., you will play soccer, basketball, softball/baseball, badminton, team handball, Australian rules football, kickball, frisbee, water polo, lacrosse, flag football, and volleyball. You will also swim, dance, and do yoga and circuit and cardiovascular training. 

Health & Wellness

In 6th grade, you will take Life Skills with our school counselor during elective in which you will learn study skills and how to manage the changes that come up in the life of a Middle Schooler. 

In 7th grade, you will study anatomy in P.E. You will also study sexual education in your science class. 

In 8th grade, you will participate in special Focus Days designed to talk about body image, peer pressure, substance abuse, and other social concerns.

Our students' health and wellness is supported by a Middle School Counselor, the Director of Learning Services, and a school nurse.
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