Service & Leadership

We believe in cultivating highly compassionate young adults who care about each other and the world, and who recognize the power of living their lives in service to others. Our programs are designed to help you develop your citizenship skills, create ongoing relationships, make a real difference in our local communities, and foster civic values of integrity, courage, responsibility, compassion, and hard work. 

Through the course of your Middle School years, you will have opportunities to experience what social responsibility means, particularly on the local level. For example, in 7th grade, you will learn about native flora and fauna while doing a beach shoreline cleanup. In 8th grade, you will learn about social movements in U.S. History while completing your own original service project. You will also participate in off-campus projects, like volunteering at a food bank. 

We encourage everyone to be a leader in a way that works for you. Whether that means organizing Spirit Days, helping a friend in need, or standing up to peer pressure, we want you to be comfortable being a leader.

Student Government/Leadership is open to all students in the Middle School, both in elected leadership positions and as members. Students work together to run Morning Meetings and the student store, plan school socials, and organize Athenian spirit days.
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