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Athenian's Advanced Band had a recording session at Fantasy Studios at the end of the spring 2017 semester.


2014-15 sophomores wrote and performed in the style of KQED Perspectives on topics of importance to them.

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Videos of many of our drama productions, concerts, and other performers.

Fall 2014 Digital Music Class

Original digitally-composed student tracks.

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NYTimes Year in Rap Contest

For the last three years, US History and Current Events classes have written and submitted to the  New York Times' Year in Rap Contest. And for the last 3 years, the NYTimes has chosen Athenian entries as winners.

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  • 2016 Year in Rap Winners

    Twenty-sixteen made us laugh and cry,
    Keep reading below and soon you’ll know why:
    We lost Princess Leia, Willy Wonka, and Snape
    Stop with the videos- we get it, you vape!
    Throughout the year, we watched in agony;
    Brussels, Orlando, Nice – we saw tragedy
    The Obamas’ priorities were global education,
    But Melania never learned about plagiarization
    As Black Lives Matter took the nation by storm,
    Quarterback Kaepernick refused to conform
    The Dakota Access Pipeline was heavily debated,
    Celebrities joined in because the project was hated
    Britain left the EU 52 to 48,
    Trump won – will Americans now emigrate?
    Michelle’s moving lessons won’t pass us by
    Remember:  when they go low, we go high

    Jackie, Rosie, Annie, Kyle, Diego, Ashna, Maria, Sofi, Avrah, Robby, Catherine, Cailin, Jonathan, Josh B, Josh T, Josiah (US History)
    2016 was a crazy year to say the least,
    And ISIS continued to prevent world peace.
    Even though Hillary won the popular vote
    Donald Trump now has a reason to gloat.
    Mosquitos carry Zika, tiny bugs aren’t a joke,
    But in 4 new states it’s now legal to smoke.
    Seventy-five years since Pearl Harbor was bombed,
    Obama and Abe apologized for what their countries did wrong.
    Harambe being left on the rocks to bleed
    might be worse then the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead
    Britain left the EU leaving Europe in dismay,
    Assad and the rebels left Aleppo in disarray.
    The deaths of celebrities such as Prince, Carrie Fisher, Muhammad Ali left people low
    All across the world people played Pokemon Go
    Far, far away, two black holes collide,
    Waves were detected when a chirp rang inside.

    Gopaal, Chika, Henry, Olivia, Haley, Anne, Ginger, Jenna, Avery, Jason, Sydney, Jin, Darya, Liam, Derek, Z, AJ, Bryan (US History)
  • 2014 Year in Rap Winner

    2014 was on fire so listen up!
    The Giants took the Series, and Germany took the Cup
    Ferguson police force showin’ no mercy
    Eric Garner and Tamir all causin’ controversy
    On the world stage Russia tries to reign supreme
    While ISIS spills innocent blood by terrorist means
    Ebola took so many and we’re looking for a cure
    Whether we’ll stop it soon is still not yet sure
    And because Taylor Swift couldn’t let it go
    Her album buried Elsa in the snow
    Rogen and Franco better leave soon
    Or face the wrath of Kim Jong-Un
    Williams and Rivers left the world with a side stitch
    While Seymour Hoffman left Hunger Games in a ditch
    Maya Angelou knew why the caged bird sings
    But now in passing she’s finally found her wings…

    Kiana A-K., Annemarie A., Jordon D., Nene E., Jake G., Jackson K., Madeleine K., Jonah K., Will M., Jenna T., Joshua T., Timmy W. 
  • 2014 Year in Rap Winner

    In 2014 footage rocked us to our core
    We saw Eric Garner fall to the floor
    Ray Rice in the elevator will go down in lore
    But what happened to Mike Brown after he left the store?
    So much money being spent in this world
    We got Kanye spending 12 mil on his girl
    7 to 10 million per day to fight ISIS
    And don’t forget the costly Ukrainian crisis
    Some say North Korea hacked Sony—Outrageous!
    But when Ebola hit hard, health workers were courageous
    And Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize
    On girl’s education she won’t compromise

    Audrey A., Ryan B., Kelia H., Jun K., Mara K., Natalie K., Anthony O., Zach O., James P., Vidya R., Bobby S., Annalise S., Nicole T., Christian T., Kristina Y. 
  • 2013 Year in Rap Winner

    The GOP led the government shut down
    A typhoon in the Philippines and many drown
    Dictator in Syria and rebels stay at odds
    While the one in Korea threw his uncle to the dogs
    Beysus and Yeezus made albums in the same year
    Hannah Montana started her twerking career
    The world caught fire and Broke Bad
    Snapchats and vining made notable fads
    NSA spied with big data, and a lie
    Ultrasonic focal points make sand fly
    3-D printed guns flying 40 rounds each
    Google glass busts its stock and is within reach
    Dead at 84, Bob Grant, the right wing talker
    Driving a Porsche was what killed Paul Walker
    Overseas in Britain, the Iron Lady falls
    Down South Mandela dies, and the whole world bawls

    US History Class: Matias, Matt C., Cole, Xenia, Delaney, Chase, Kelsey, Rehemah, Ira, David, Clara, Bobby, Lindsay, Matt W.
  • 2013 Year in Rap Runner-Up

    In 2013 we lost Chavez and Mandela
    The world mourned with South Africa and Venezuela
    US government dealt out many a furlough
    At least Pope Francis cared about the poor though
    Syrian executions and weapons were horrors
    Pollution in China forced people indoors
    An album was dropped by Beyonce
    But we still don’t know, What Does the Fox Say?
    We watched Miley join the twerking fad
    And saw the end of Breaking Bad
    Instagram and Twitter ruled the universe
    Facebook gettin’ ready for a ride in a hearse
    New computers can recognize your face
    40 million customers, Target disgraced
    The hit show Glee missed their handsome lead
    and “The Black Angel of Death” came for Lou Reed

    Current Events Class: Anthony, Mark, Lauren, Emily G., Ben, Emily H., Tzofi, Holden, Noah L., Quyen, Hannah, Grace, Gabby, Noah S., Jamey, Pierson
  • 2012 Year in Rap Winner

    2012, the Mayans got it wrong
    What happened? Let’s lay it out in this song
    Mitt Romney tried to win, but he lost to Barack
    Whatever happened with the war in Iraq?
    Romney slammed the 47%, so Obama got a job
    Banks had to pay the people they robbed
    People figured out that you only live once
    And if you believed in the apocalypse, you looked like a dunce
    The Mars rover landed, Honey Boo Boo was a star
    Felix flew from space, Gabby flew on the barre
    PSY kicked Bieber off the YouTube stage
    Two different giants won; it’s their golden age
    Aurora brought fear, Sandy made the East drown
    We cried for the first graders in Newtown
    Yet its horrors created heroes who sacrificed their lives
    We salute their courage, even as we mourn inside

    — Athenian’s Current Events ClassLeah, Eileen, Gordon, Katie, Natalie, Phillip, Christian, Kora, Logan, Kaia, Alex, Tyler, Andrea, Helen, Lori and Ben

Advanced Photography

Every year the Advanced Photography classes spend a full quarter working on their final projects based on the question, “How do you see the world?” At the end of the class, each student creates a website with their project and we put together a class site that links out to each individual project. Check out the sites for the Fall 2015 and the Fall 2016 Advanced Photography classes.

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