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  • Students

    The 162 students in the Middle School and 316 in the Upper School are from 30 Bay Area cities and 12 countries. You will be joining a student body that values inclusion, intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, individuality, and humor. As Melina G. '15 says, "Hard work and dedication are at the core of every Athenian individual. I am proud to tell people I belong to the Athenian community because it continues to give me the opportunity to develop into the person I've always dreamed of becoming."

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  • Parents

    A true community of lifelong learners involves the whole family and Athenian is committed to creating opportunities for parents to get involved. We welcome your participation, whether through volunteering your time, attending sports events, donating items to the auction, or becoming active in the Athenian Parent Association (APA). Our parent population overflows with talent and energy and we value your contribution. 

    We invite parents to explore the resources available to you through Athenian's library and the APA. Get Involved
  • Faculty & Staff

    Athenian faculty and staff are more than just employees; they are pillars of the community. Athenian faculty and staff have many roles: teacher, mentor, coach, counselor, collaborator and supporter. Athenian's faculty live the values of the School by bringing their diverse perspectives and advanced educational backgrounds to the classroom along with a commitment to cultivating their students' own unique passions.

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  • Board of Trustees

    The Board of Trustees is responsible for furthering The Athenian School's mission and ensuring the School's success. In some ways, the Board focuses not on the School of today, but the School of the future. As such, they are instrumental in setting the long-term goals for The Athenian School, which include: continuing to redefine academic rigor to meet the needs of tomorrow's students; engaging and impacting our world through a commitment to environmental learning, leadership, global awareness, and responsible action; and helping colleges and prospective families better understand the unique outcomes of an Athenian education.

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  • Alumni

    Athenian's alumni are proof that our students leave Athenian prepared for a life of intellectual exploration and meaningful contribution. Our alums are life-long learners who have a strong sense of self and value giving back to their communities. 

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  • Equity & Inclusion

    The Athenian School realizes that true multiculturalism and diversity need the spirit of equity and inclusion in order to foster a strong community of learners.  Athenian emphasizes skill building around empathy, perspective recognition, analysis and inquiry, self awareness, and the acknowledgment of environmental privileges.  Learning and life are enhanced when we are able to step into the intellectual space of others with respect and understanding.  Our goal is that our students, faculty and staff build their capacity to increase their cultural wisdom and create community. 

    Contact Kalyan Balaven, Director of Equity and Inclusion, or find him in Courtside. 

The Athenian Family

Tomorrow the Sherwood family concludes our 13th and final year at Athenian with our youngest daughter Alex’s graduation. I remember some many years ago walking into Athenian with our oldest daughter Taylor to take a tour and meet some faculty and students. Upon entering the office I overheard a conversation between student and secretary. What the exchange was about does not matter but the manner of the exchange did as I saw fun, engaged and personal interest not between administrative staff and student but between family. This was our introduction to Athenian.

And like all family’s there have been difficult times and disappointments of the most human kind…exactly as we hoped. Early in our Athenian experience, our first daughter’s overnight outdoor class introduction and team bonding was met with heavy rain and I remember Athenian leaders coming under some criticism from parents as a result of the weather. My response was that we did not send our kids to Athenian to avoid bad weather but to experience it. Mandy and I are grateful that all three of our children could experience such “weather” with passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who we will forever remember as family.  

On behalf of our family to the Athenian family, we thank you for the peaks and valleys from Death Valley to Danville and all the friends and family and… weather that came with it. Our last child now leaves Athenian like the others: confident and with greater perspective not looking to avoid the rain but to embrace it and those who need a little shelter from it just like Athenian did for them and us. Thank you.  

With much love and appreciation,   
Donald N. Sherwood
Parent of three alumni, 2015