Annual gifts from our extended community go to work immediately throughout all areas of the school, enhancing student life. 

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  • An Education Worth Pursuing: Irena V. ’16

    As promised in Athenian’s mission statement, Athenian has provided me with a rigorous academic program, interactive learning, multicultural exposure, and an understanding of the principles of democratic governance, but most of all, Athenian has taught me the joy of being uniquely me. My experiences at Athenian have instilled in me the value and power of compassion, inner strength, and knowledge. Athenian has given me a family and a home, where I have discovered my path to becoming the motivated, successful, and passionate person I have always dreamed of becoming. I am proud to tell people I am an Athenian because Athenian’s environment and teachings have taught me to excel, to see the strengths in my weaknesses, to appreciate the simple beauties of life, and to listen to my inner voice. The Athenian community is the gateway to global knowledge and personal fulfillment and discovery; this is why I am grateful to belong to such a unique school and family.
  • Athenian, A Community Like No Other: Priya C. ’16

    Due to our small size, we all know each other, embrace our similarities, and respect our differences. It isn’t easy for new kids to get lost in the crowd of 320 students, especially because of the welcoming environment that Athenian has to offer. One factor that unites all Athenian students is AWE. Most students find that they are more bonded with their classmates after spending 26 days with a group of them, but that isn’t what unites all of us. Every senior runs in after AWE, it is a way to further bond with our past, present, and future Athenian students. It’s an amazing experience to run by signs with your name on them, see your friends drive by Blackhawk Road, screaming at you to “KEEP GOING”, and embrace all of Athenian as friends, family, and faculty wait for you at the finish line. Having these shared experiences doesn’t just make all Athenian students more aware and respecting of one another; it makes us a community.
  • Being Myself: Hunter B. ’17

    One quality that I love about Athenian is that you can always be yourself without being judged or looked at differently. From my experience at this school, the community as a whole is very inclusive and welcoming to both returning and new students. I love attending Athenian because I have had the opportunity to befriend an abundance of students in all grades. One experience that opened my eyes to the possibility of making friends in all grades was my interim trip to East Africa. Although I had friends in my grade who also went on the trip with me, some of the closest relationships I have made in my life was when I put myself out there and made friends with upperclassmen. It was very scary at first, but after learning how eager everyone was to meet and befriend new people it was so much easier for me to step out of my comfort zone. The message I am trying to get across is that our community that the students have built, is the place that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new horizons.
    • How the Athenian Experience Has Enhanced My Learning: Dina M. '16

    • Rigor, Opportunity, & Community: Andrew K. '16