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Annual Fund Participation

As of January 31, 2017


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  • Board of Trustees

    The Board of Trustees is responsible for furthering The Athenian School's mission and ensuring the School's success. In some ways, the Board focuses not on the School of today, but the School of the future. As such, they are instrumental in setting the long-term goals for The Athenian School, which include: continuing to redefine academic rigor to meet the needs of tomorrow's students; engaging and impacting our world through a commitment to environmental learning, leadership, global awareness, and responsible action; and helping colleges and prospective families better understand the unique outcomes of an Athenian education.

    Board of Trustees 2016-17
    Wendell Arnold ‘92
    Beth Borchers
    Judy Carter
    Vince Chow
    Michael Connolly ‘71
    Kathryn Craft Rogers
    Tony Dominguez
    Patty Frazer
    Josh Freeman
    Debby Grauman
    Guy Henshaw
    Nicole Holthuis
    John Kohler ‘88
    Russell Patton ‘07
    Walter Peters
    Susan Reckers
    Sharam Sasson
    Ed Scherr
    Monica Streifer ‘05
    Lisa Thompson
    Laura Victorino
    David Welsh, Chair
    Monika Witte
    Catherine Yewell

    Advisory Board Members (ex-officio)
    Hansol Hong '06
    Matt Okazaki '06

    Honorary Trustees (ex-officio)
    Steve Davenport
    Susan Nebesar
    Ted Urban
    Bea Winslow ‘75
    Non-Trustee (ex-officio)
    Eric Niles, Head of School
  • Campaign Cabinet

    Campaign Cabinet Co-Chairs
    Josh Freeman
    Lisa Thompson

    Cabinet Members
    Allison Fletcher ’96
    Patty Frazer
    Eric Niles
    Esha Ray
    Allie Rowe
    Dave Welsh

    Honorary Chairs

    Eleanor Dase
    Mike McCoy
  • Annual Fund Ambassadors 2016-17

    Annual Fund Chair
    Stephanie Oana, parent of Maggie '17

    Allison Arroyo
    Veronica Butcher
    Jennifer Chadam
    Amy Cottrill
    Dawn Craig
    Bryan Denman
    Auben Elliott
    Geetika Goel
    Debby Grauman
    Candace Kirmse
    Josh Liberman
    Deborah MacDonald
    Nancy Nagramada
    Laura O'Byrne
    Cynthia Pisani
    Leah Rosenbloom
    Laurie Scruggs
    Mary Beth Taylor
    Susan Virgilio
    Andie Weinstein
    Geoff Wolfe
    Cynthia Wong

    Interested in being an Annual Fund Ambassador for 2016-17?  Contact Jenny Hogg. 
  • APA Board 2017-18

    President: Julianne Gable
    President-Elect: Open Position
    VP, Community Enrichment: Elisa Merrifield
    VP, Communications & Technology: Wendy Coleman
    Community Events Coordinator: Open Position
    Treasurer: Elizabeth Carey
    Secretary: Susan Mun
    Upper School Coordinator: Maxine Ball
    Middle School Coordinator: Ginna Girzadas
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  • Alumni Council 2016-17

    Sarah Ames ‘05
    David Gaines ‘83
    Melissa (Barry) Hansen ‘85
    John Kohler ‘88
    Marnye Langer ‘81
    Jamahn Lee ‘94
    Angel Lewis ‘92, former President
    Kerry Marsh ‘86
    Emily McDonnell ‘04
    Elizabeth Newey ‘11
    Matt Okazaki ‘06
    Patrick Quinn ‘84, President
    Jim Riley ‘71
    Daniela Smith ‘10
    Melissa Williams ‘96
    Ruth Winchell ‘89
  • Library Volunteers 2015-16

    Middle School Library Volunteers
    Ginna Girzadas
    Deborah Kelly
    Ellen Kocins
    Tori Lewis
    Lisa McGuire
    Jennifer Moffet
    Grace Munoz
    Joanne Vecce
    Kathy Wong

    Upper School Volunteers
    Alexa Armanino
    Bing Brown
    Veronica Butcher
    Judy Carter
    Sandra Caulfield
    Robin Galfuera
    Elizabeth Gard
    Kate Gilmore
    Carla Grier
    Yuyu Huang
    Dawn Keller
    Carol Northing
    Lena Shah
    Laura Wall

2016-17 Annual Giving Donor Roster

As of February 2, 2017

Anonymous (18)
Alice Abbott
Larry Abel and Suzanne Grishman
Jeff and Heidi Abramson
Randy and Jenny Ackerman
Gabriel and Stephanie Acosta-Mikulasek
ACR Foundation
Adedamola and June Adegbite
Susan and Cynthia Adelizzi Pisani
Arshad Ahmed and Zarghoona Rahim
Hee Tae Ahn and Yeoun Jin Kim
Adisa and Victoria Akinremi
David and Modupeola Akinsanya
Eileen Alden
Kenneth and Michelle Altomare
Paul and Anh Ambrose
Bill Ames
Patrick Amor '87
Amy's Kitchen
Dana Anderson
Marie Anderson '10
Thomas and Nancy Anderson
Cutler and Molly Andrus
Jessie Ang
Roger and Sandra Arlen
Matt and Alexa Armanino
Hunter and Kerry Armistead
Henry and Nancy Armstrong
Don and Elizabeth Arnold
Wendell C. Arnold '92
Victor and Allison Arroyo
Shahla Arsala
Angelo Artale
Daizy Asaravala
Debra and Cary Ataman
David Atkins and Bettina Mutter
Samuel Aynalem and Martha Gebremichael
Sarah Azari '10
Tanya Azari '12
Marc Babin '70
Jeri Baca
Wynne and Gary Bacon
Marc and Amy Badain
Claire Solot '84 and Sinjin Bain
Theresa Bain
Jon and Patricia Baird
Laura (Kukulan) Baker '01
Stephen Baker, Jr. and Kate Goodyear Wadsworth
Kalyan and Fatema Balaven
Jolie Bales
David and Maxine Ball
Karel Baloun and Naoko Uehara
Bank of America Foundation
Christopher Baxter '01
Leah Bayston '13
Christopher Beeson
Andrei and Lori Behdjet
Derek and Rachel Benham
Roy and Joan Benjamin
Veronica Benjamin '06
Jane Bentley and Kevin Sullivan
Ozan and Joanna Berke
Rachel Bernhard '05
Elisabeth Bertschi and Mehrdad Azari
Gail Biben
Julian Binder '11
Matt Binder
Jeff and Erika Birnbaum
Jeffrey and Rebecca Bleich
Cyrus and Shaney Boga
Corwin and Margaret Booth
Douglas Booth '70 and Margaret Simpson
Beth and Robert Borchers
Dick Bradford and Molly McClure
David and Emily Breach
Serena Brewer '94
Arnold and Annise Brokstein
Darrell Brown
Diana Brown
Judith Brown
David Buchanan '72
Daniel Burke '75 and Virginia Burke
Patrick Burklund and Ellen Raber
Lee and Caitlin Burrows
William and Veronica Butcher
Christopher Camp '93
Patricia Campbell
Krishan Canzius '14
Priya Canzius '16
Steve and Vanessa Capelli
Lynne Carberry and Michael Pavitt
Bill and Elizabeth Carey
Nancy Carlston
Bliss and Brigitte Carnochan
Sarah Carnochan '77
Mark and Judy Carter
Andrea Cartwright
Alan and Julia Casamajor
Thomas Caulfield and Sandra Eng-Caulfield
Alexander Cerjan '05
Monika Witte and Charles Cerjan
Jan Chabala and Mary Francis
Matthew Chabala '16
John and Sarah Chadam
Premjit and Jas Chahal
Ka Shing Chan
Louis Chan and Sarah Teo
Shu-Chiung Chang
Susan and John Chapman
Henry and Patricia Chen
Sergey Chernikov and Galina Chernikova
Chevron Corp./CPTC
Adam and Lin Cheyer
Jun Young Choi and Yoon Mi Chung
Vincent Chow
Byung-Hyun Chung and Soo-Yuen Lee
Tae-Min Chung '99
Abbie Cielbala
Yolanda and Alan Clark
J.C. Clontz
Angus and Ann Cochran
Fraser and Wendy Coleman
Yebonya Collins
Fan Cong and Jian Gao
Kevin Conlogue '76
Matt and Heidi Corkern
Jonathan and Rae Corr
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Lance and Amy Cottrill
Richard and Marcia Cottrill
Simon and Lillian Cowie
Kathryn Craft Rogers
Dawn Craig and Teresa Brink
Janet and Rick Cronk
Jeff and Jamie Cronk
Steven and Rebel Curd
David and Beth Cutrer
Tina Dabney
Phoebe Dameron and Jason Ham
Alejandro Danylyszyn and Vera Sus
Peter Dapkus and Mary Halpin
Catherine Dart
Saheli Datta '96
Stephen and Joanna Davenport
Liney and Greg DeBois
Charles and Jacqueline Del Monte
Gabe Del Real and Joanne Vecce
Joelle Deloison and Richard Baum
Richard and Michelle Denman
Sara Denman '86 and Bryan Denman
Debbie Derana
Dodge & Cox
Dolby Match Program
Edward Domning and Elise Marshall
Dorfman Pacific Co., Inc.
Darcy Dornsife
David and Dana Dornsife
Farid and Valerie Dowla
Sharon Drager and Wyit Wright
Jane Dubitzky
Sky and Devon Dufaux
Samuel Edwards '95
Benjamin Eldridge
Charles and Cynthia Ellis
Mark and Sara Ericson
Ernesto and Mylene Escudero
Sergio Fajardo and Greta Perez
Suzanne Falkenstein
Jonathan Fener '89
Mark Feuer '75
Mary Ellen Fine
Lindsay Firth '95
Claude Fischer and Ann Swidler
Matthew Fisher '90 and Dorothee Fisher
Duane and Bonnie Fitch
Vicki Fleming
Allison Fletcher '96
Bob and Ann Fletcher
Patrick and Pauline Fong
Richard and Angela Ford
Charles and Emma Fordham
Arash Foroutani and Maryam Fortani
Dick and Jean Frankel
Patty and Bob Frazer
Pete and Charlene Freedland
Sarah Freedman '05
Josh and Chelsea Freeman
Leigh Freeman
Nancy Freire '80
Larry Friedman '72
Mark Friedman and Lisa Haney
Jim and Julianne Gable
Robert and Caroline Gates
General Electric Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Nikhil Gera and Anjali Apte
Emin and Diem Gerba
Walt and Ann Gewing
Jeff Gill '83
Pavan Gill '92 and Raj-Ann Gill
Jason and Virginia Girzadas
Cory Gitt '98
Danielle Glosser '88
John Goddard '86
Ashish and Geetika Goel
Nish and Payal Gokli
Thomas Gold and Lucy Harris
Dean Goldfein and Tamira Elul
Anantha and Sai Gollapudi
Rebecca Good '98
Ramaswamy Gopalakrishnan and Deena Ramaswamy
Howard and Jeremy Gordon
Justin Gould '98
Molly Gowen
Alan and Deanne Goyke
Marta Grajeda
Richard and Trish Grame
Yuriy and Irina Granat
Kevin and Debby Grauman
John and Nicole Graves
Randall and Lisa Gross
Randall and Ellen Gruebele
Gordon Gu and Nancy Li
Justin Guerra
Rohit and Preeti Gupta
Lydia and Ralph Guzman
Michelle Guzman '99
Jonathan and Heather Hackman
Hamid and Myra Haidari
John and Kim Hajny
Otto Hajny
Joan Hajny-Leeds
Tomiko Hale '93
Rachel Halliday
Jason Ham and Phoebe Dameron
Thomas and Margaret Hanlon-Gradie
Evan Hansen
Edward and Angela Harris
Lori Harsch
Gillian Hart
Daniel and Leeann Harvey
John Harvey
Christopher and Lisa Helfer
Richard Henry
Guy and Susan Henshaw
Robert Henshel and Amy Wintermeyer
Stephen Herrick
Ian Heung
Douglas and Debra Highsmith
Norman and Marcelle Hill
Ms. Jenny Hogg and Ms. Yana Johnson
Walter and Elizabeth Holt
Francie Hornstein
Jesse Hornstein '97
Jin and Fumiko Hoshino
Lop and Connie Hou
Christin Hoult
Tung Hua Leo and Yuyu Huang
William Hughes '88
Katina Huston '79
Doug Inamine and Nicole Holthuis
David and Sylvia Inchausti
Dilbert Iraheta and Maria Juarez
Robert Ishii and Nancy Wallace
Elise Jan
Ann Jeffries
Kirstin Jensen '82
Daniel and Barbara Jerabek
Martin and Julie Johnson
Mark and Shannon Jones
Byung Ha Ju and Hyun Ok Lee
Jamie Julin-Seeber
Elizabeth Jurado
Lewis Kane '08
Steven and Gail Kang
Howard and Sarah Kaplan
Joe and Odette Kardek
Mike Kass and Kate Hartley
Linda Katz
Jim Kazliner and Shelley Bacon Kazliner
Scott and Lori Ann Keith
Chris and Dawn Keller
Michael and Debbie Kelly
David and Darcie Kent
Mark Kenward and Megan Armstrong
Daniel and Rosanne Kim
Sunil and Yoon Jung Kim
William Kim
Sylvia King
Candace and Brian Kirmse
William Kissinger
William and Patricia Klein
Ernest and Julie Knell
Michael and Mary Knierim
Steve Knuppel and Sezaneh Taherian
James and Ellen Kocins
Patrice and Hery Koffi
Michael and Jessica Kolis
Neil and Peggy Kostick
Urvesh and Shashi Kotecha
Justine Kwan '07
Rebecca LaCount
Man Minh Lam and Thao Xuan Van
Marnye Langer '81
Niklaus Largier and Karen Feldman
Laurence Lasater '86 and Leslie Lasater
Yukiko Lau and Lau Chung
Mark and Janet Laudy
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jocelyne T. Le Bars
Debra Leathers '71
Philip Leboit and Karen Axelsson
Christian Lee '13
Jamahn Lee '94
Jennifer Lee '09
Lanny Lee
Roger and Michelle Lee
Stanley Shao-Ying Lee and Brenda I-Pin Lai
Douglas and Sandra Leich
Megan Leich '94
Michael and Patricia Leigh
Chris and Carol Leister
David White and Janet Leventhal
Evan and Stacey Levy
Levi Strauss Foundation
Angel Lewis '92
Jason and Victoria Lewis
Lexis Nexis Risk
Thomas Li and Sophia Loh
Lotte Lieb Dula '79
Andrew Lien
Man Fung Yau Lim and Xiu Tao Luo
Brent Lin and Sharolyn Yang
Lincoln Financial
Jeff and Cynthia Liu
Jinrong Liu and Kunchi Wang
Stephen and Pauline Liu
Matthew Lodewick and Margaret Pagaduan
Deborah Lieberman Louria '75 and Jordan Lourie
Noah Lourie '14
Rena Lourie '12
David and Herminia Lu
Maria Luca
Leslie Lucas
Mark Lukach
Alice Ma and Philip Yang
Norbert and Chongyang Ma Piel
Howard and Victoria Maat
Michael and Nora MacBryde
Deborah MacDonald-Ramachandran
Tricia MacIlwaine
Eisei and Kei Magari
Simon Makdessi and Judy Baker
Manish and Manisha Malhotra
Brooks and Kerstin Mancini
Kendra Marcus
Esteban Marotti
Kerry Marsh '86
Juan and Allyn Martinez
Julia Martinez '12
Robyn Matzen
Gary and Dana Mayo
Christian and Lindsay McCarrick
Judy McClintic
Chris and Colleen McClure
Chris McCulloch and Angie Williams
Shannon McCune '85
Marilyn McCurdy
Emily (Hansen) McDonnell '04
Michael McGarry
Stephanie McGraw
James and Lisa McGuire
Scott McKay and Linda Leong
Judith Mendaros
Sandra Mercado
Chris and Elisa Merrifield
Howard and Yvette Miles
Sven and Amy Miller
Kelly and Marci Milligan
Michael and Nicole Mills
Eugene Mizusawa and Mary Jane Rypysc
Douglas and Jennifer Moffet
Richard and Katrina Montesanti
Daniel and Anne Morales
Jeannine Morales
Dianna Mullins and Clare Dunnett
Lee-Tyler and Susan Mun
Carlos and Grace Munoz
Michael and Christine Musante
Nicholas and Tracy Musco
Alex Nebesar '96
Charles and Susan Nebesar
Eric and Maribelle Nelson
Vickey Nemanich
Elizabeth Newey '11
Brad Newsham and Rhonda Gillenwaters
Thi Thao Nhi Nguyen
Jonathan and Ria Nickens
Lisa Nicolini
Scott Nierotka and Elizabeth Sevilla
Eric and Margaret Niles
Richard and Carol Nitz
Richard and Carol Northing
Tina Nott
Barbara Nuttall
Bo and Anastasia Nystedt
Noel Obiora and Maureen Mbadike-Obiora
Kevin O'Brien and Betsy Hale
Jason and Laura O'Byrne
Joan Oestreich
Maura and Bob O'Hearn
Matthew Okazaki '06
Samantha Okazaki '08
David and Bhavani O'Kelly
Ashley Olson '06
Tim O'Neill '01
Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Joseph Osha and Stephanie Oana
Dani Oswood
Roger and Lisa Ota
Michael Ottati and Margery Connor
Kathleen and Keir Oxley
Tunji and Bukky Oyebade
Vasant and Seema Padmanabhan
Donald Paige
Arockiaraj Pangaraj and Kavitha Raj
Katherine Papastephanou
Giovanna Paredes '94
Parnassus Investments Operating Account
Charles Patterson and Tracy Cummings
Russell Patton '07
Chakradhar Paturi and Madhavi Tammineedi
Noelle Paulette '89
Greg and Ruth Pavlik
Johnny Payton
Krishna Peri '14
Mani and Laxmi Peri
Vishnu Peri '16
Margaret Perrone
Deidra Perry
Walter Peters and Susan Feierabend
Larry and Madeline Petersen
Sheryl Petersen
Le Ngoc and Thuy Thi Thu Pham
Jeffrey Poage and\\ Sarah Cameron
Steve Podell '77 and Vickie Podell
Joseph Polacco
Purushothama Polkampalli and Kalyani Mokkapati
Jerry and Judy Potter
Becky Potter '02
James Price
Prudential Insurance Company
Brian Qian and Haiyun Xu
Quest Foundation
Kevin and Andrea Quinn
Patrick Quinn '84 and Andrea Quinn '86
Xavier Quinn '16
Lauren Railey
Vidya Ramaswamy '16
Andrew Ramsay '04
Tony Ratner and Vivien Hart
Nimesh and Esha Ray
Charles Raymond and Nancy Nagramada
Clyde Rea '96
Andrew Reckers '12
Grace Reckers '14
Mark and Susan Reckers
Bruce and Gigi Remington
Barry and Jill Reynolds
Emma Reynolds '16
Emily Rhodes
Clemence Richard
Amber Richert '98
Tyler and Brianna Ricks
Mike and Elizabeth Rider
Tony Rios and Philomel Pena
Robert Half
Sally Roberts
Stephanie Robles
Roche Matching Gifts Program
Molly and Steven Romero
Barbara Rosenbloom
David Rosenbloom
Rachel Rosenfeld '99
Cole Rowan '73
Allison Rowe
Anderson and Kris Rowe
James Rubin '80
Katie Rutherford '73
Alexander Ruzhinsky
Babatunde and Matilda Salako
Enrique Salem
Charles and Trudy Salter
Gurpreet and Varinder Sangha
Amy and Luis Santo Domingo
Hisashi and Maho Sasaki
Emma Sasson '04
Ryan Sasson '10
Sharam and Fariba Sasson
Narihide and Tamami Sato
Somitra and Sanchita Saxena
SB Group US, Inc.
Michael and Janet Scarpelli
Edward Scherr and Shelly Pozzi
Noelle Schoellkopf and Roger Prince
Casey Schuller
Cristin Schump '85
Micole and David Schwantes
Adam Schwartz '84 and Amy Schwartz
Brian and Kirsten Schwartz
Mark and Sarah Schwartz
Anton Schwarzinger
Anthony and Julie Scolini
Dolly Seeburger
Arnold and Mari Segimoto
Hyangnam Seong and Jaeik Jo
Alex Shapiro '95
Jainendra and Shavila Sharma
Mary Shaver
Arquelle Shaw
Hamish and Jennifer Shaw
Henry Shaw and Marina Hsieh
Pamela Shaw
Robert Shaw
Roy Shaw
Michael and Tricia Sheinberg
Nancy Sheinberg
Casey and Jeannie Shimane
Andy and Emily Shinkle
Lev and Rina Shur
Balbir Singh and Amarjit Kaur
Harpreet Singh and Amarjit Kaur
Kanwar Singh and Sandeep Kaur
Gloria Skurski '69
Christopher Slattery '68
Karen Sloss '69
Louis and Jean Sloss
Rostislav Smirnov
Gary Smith and Amy Jeng
Karen Smith
Kip Smith '69
Mark and Alexandra Smith
Paula Smith '86
Todd Snyder '94
Claire Solot '84 and Sinjin Bain
Sandra Sosa Fernandez and James Whitelaw
Thomas and Heidi Spirgi
Daniel Sprague
Jennifer Staller
Adam Stanford and Emily True
Edda Stark
Mary Stauffacher
Robert Stearns
Jim Sternberg and Kathleen Huntington
Holly Stewart '04
Margaret Barnett Stogner '74
Erik and Cecilia Storm
John Streetz
Adriana Streifer '03
Monica Streifer '05
Lalith Subramanian and Bijal Patel
Nicholas Summers '06
Meg Sumner-Moore '10
Scott and Sue Sumner-Moore
Padmanabhan Sundararaman and Margaret Green
Hannelore Lang Swartley '89
Sally Swarts '83
Jillian Taffe
Felix Tam and Joanne Chao
Peter Tamaribuchi
Ehete Tequame
Loren and Carla Terzich
Theophilus and Aisha Thompkins
Alfred and Karen Thompson
Adam Thorman
Ravi and Ganga Thota
Samantha Tierney '16
William and Flora Ting
Transatlantic Holdings, Inc.
Robert and Sarah Traube
Timothy True and Vicky Bevilacqua-True
Minh Truong and Phung Huynh
Dale Tucker
Abogo Ugwokegbe and Nkem Abogo-Ugwokegbe
Urban Foundation IV
Wil van Breugel and Imke de Pater
Dave and Kay Van Hoesen
Ted and Kim Van Hoesen
Gerard and Kathryn van Steyn
Mark and Jane van Warmerdam
Patricia and Darrel Varrelmann
Monique Vegh '94
Laura and Steve Victorino
Susan and Alex Virgilio
Vladimir and Victoria Volkov
Karla Vukelich
John and Tracy Vuong
Yun Wang and Furu Chen
Richard and Carolyn Warmington
Ronald and Toni Warren
Cory Waters
Edward and Leah Webb
Aaron Weinmann '15
David Weinmann '14
Yolanda and Eric Weinmann
Marc and Andrea Weinstein
Dave and Michelle Weiss
David and Stacy Welsh
Brian Wheeler '93
Jonathan White '12
Mark White
Mark and Ellen Whitfield
Urs Widmer and Lisa Widmer-Neel
Aaron Wiener '11
Don and Ann Wight
Jeffrey Wilson '00
Ruth Winchell-Moyes '89 and Chris Moyes
Kris Winer and Rebecca Springmeyer
Peter and Robin Winokur
Claire LeVine Wolfe
Alex and Kathy Wong
Cynthia Wong and Don Kline
Larry and Pearl Wong
Timothy and Dana Wong
Wesley Wong and Karen Yuen
Dennis Woodfork '95
Robert and Carol Woodward
Workday, Inc.
Elizabeth Wright
Megan Wright '73
Keenan Wyrobek '99
Shuangxi Xu and Jami Proctor-Xu
Joseph and Alice Yang
James and Pamela Yares
Greg and Jazy Ye
Charles Yeomans and Desiree LeClerc
Catherine and Peter Yewell
Young Jin Lee and Yeoung Tae Yoo
Christopher and Theresa Young
Jill Young '72
Weiwen Yu and Hui Chen
David and Denise Yun
Matthew Zahner
Payam and Gouya Zamani
Glenda Zarbock and Noreen DiMaggio
Mark Zemelman '72
Susan Zic