DMSC Counselors in Training

Sessions 1 and 2
Grades 8-10

$500 Full Day 9:00 AM – 3:45 PM
Director: Nathan Darnell

Register early - This camp fills up quickly and closes at 18 campers!
The CIT program will provide a hands-on opportunity to develop a variety of skills necessary for future employment as a camp counselor and for skills that will help them work with children. CITs will have a well-structured yet flexible series of workshops where they will have the opportunity to learn more about the different aspects of being a camp counselor and working with children. CITs will learn valuable leadership and communications skills and have the opportunity to participate in a self-motivated program designed around their ambitions to work towards their goal of being a camp counselor. CITs will develop the skills by participating in swimming, games, field trips, first aid and child safety as well as leadership and child psychology courses. Our goal is to give young people the opportunity to work under a qualified director and to begin to learn and understand the demands and responsibilities of a camp counselor’s job. Campers will look to CITs as leaders and role models, therefore, high standards of conduct, attitude and good judgment are expected at all times while working with campers.
CIT’s will attend field trips with the Summit Seeker and Sports Campers. The scheduled field trips are:
S1: Exploratorium and Boomers
S2: Chabot Science Center and Antioch Water Park
CIT’s will also have the opportunity to go on field trips with their camp. The camp director will announce the destination when camp has begun.
CITs must be mature, have good listening skills, and be able to follow directions. Any camper who is interested in enrolling in the CIT program (even returning campers) must submit a teacher recommendation form which can be found on the website.
Due to the limited spots available for this program, only full session enrollment is available.
CITs will constantly be under review and will advance as they gain understanding of how each camp functions and can show the ability to complete tasks as assigned by the directors and counselors. All CITs are required to participate in pool-time activities.
The trend with Camp Counselors is that they return every summer, leaving few employment opportunities for those coming up the ranks. Therefore, completion of the Counselor in Training program does not guarantee a job with The Athenian School's summer program but, every effort is made to assist those who successfully complete the program in finding a job.
The CIT program is headed by Nathan Darnell who is returning for his 8th year as the CIT Director! He has been working with children for the past 15 years and has been involved with summer programs from an early age. Nathan has a M.A. in Education and is a middle school Social Studies and Technology teacher. An Army Ranger School graduate, Nathan loves being outdoors for most activities and playing a variety of sports. Nathan enjoys seeing people reach their potential and learning new skills in real, hands-on settings that help them in realistic ways. Responsibility, maturity, and leadership are all things he believes need to be modeled and practiced, and he is excited to provide an atmosphere that encourages young adults to develop them in fun and challenging ways.

Field Trip Schedule

Session 1 field trips: 
Ratio: We maintain a 1:6 ratio of counselor to camper on field trips
  • Week 1: Exploratorium                        
  • Week 2: Boomers
Session 2 field trips: 
Ratio: We maintain a 1:6 ratio of counselor to camper on field trips
  • Week 1: Chabot Science Center       
  • Week 2: Antioch Water Park