Eleventh & Twelfth Grade

Eleventh graders can apply to work as a lifeguard, summer camp counselor, or SELP dorm staff.

Session 3

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  • 6 Week Athenian Airplane Project

    Grades 9—12
    6 Weeks, June 15-July 31 - w/ 1 week off June 29-July3
    AM Option (limited to 6 students)
    PM Option (limited to 6 students)

    The Athenian Airplane project is assembling a fully functional, FAA approved two-seat plane by hand. From riveting the wings to installing the engine, students will push forward on the work to successfully complete a Van's Aircraft RV-12. The project has been in process for a couple of years with Athenian students. We are very excited to open this experience up to the public for Summer 2020. Students are expected to participate for the full 6 weeks. There is an AM (9:00-12:00) 3 hour block option and a PM (12:45-3:45) 3 hour block option.

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  • Camp and Classes Schedule Overview

    Look at the Summer Programs Overview to easily put together a custom program for your child.
  • Registration Policies

    Find out how to change your schedule, what our sibling discount is, and which camps you can enroll in partial sessions by reviewing our policies, terms, and conditions.
    Students and Campers are enrolled in programs on a first come basis. Classes and camps have limited enrollment, therefore, early registration is recommended. In the event a class or camp you have registered for is full, you will be notified immediately and your child will be put on a waiting list. In the event a class is canceled, you will be refunded 100% of the cost of the class or camp.

    All registrations must be filled out online. If you do not have access to a computer, you may call the Athenian School and make an appointment to come in and register.  We credit cards. If you do not wish to pay your deposit with a credit card online, you can still register by selecting to “Pay by Check”.  However, checks must be received and paid in full with seven days of your registration.
    Partial Sessions
    While we think it’s best for a camper to participate in a full two-week session of camp we understand it does not always work out with your family’s schedule. We can make accommodations for Summit Seekers and Sports Camp. We are sorry but cannot accommodate partial participation in our academic program, CIT or Adventure Camp. Please contact the summer programs office to receive a discount code for your online registration and to have the dates you will be attending noted in your registration.

    We offer a wide variety of options for summer and understand it can be a little overwhelming when trying to combine classes with camps or making the best choice for your child. Please don’t hesitate to contact the summer program office for help. 

    Field Trips
    While we make every effort to send our students/campers on the field trips advertised, it is possible that a Director will need to change or substitute a particular field trip. In this case, no credits or refunds will be made. 
  • Camp Forms

  • Transportation (AM & PM)

    Transportation is offered in the morning and at the end of the camp day. We do not offer transportation after lunch.
    Our caring transportation professionals will make your life a little easier by picking up your child at one of our designated stops and returning them back to your at the end of the day. In an effort to join us as we do our part in reducing traffic and bringing campers together from throughout our region, enroll in our transportation program. You can sign up your child for round-trip or one way only. Siblings receive a discount of 50%. It will be automatically figured at the time of registration.
    If you need a stop that’s part of the already scheduled route but not a designated stop, please talk to your driver who will be happy to accommodate you. Please don’t ask the driver to drive out of their way, however. This only works if your requested stop is on the same route and does not require the driver to take a detour.
    Please be aware that our Red Line is generally light and we may use a van instead of our school bus for that route. Drivers will be wearing camp tee-shirts on the first day of camp.
    Please visit our website, click on your camper's grade and then Transportation to find the route schedule. You can also email Debra Ataman and request it to be emailed to you.
  • Extended Care (AM & PM)

    AM extended care is included in camp tuition. Afternoon extended care is offered for an additional fee.
    Please keep in mind any student or camper below the age of 14 may not be left unattended anywhere on campus from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Extended care is available to all participants from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and from 3:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Students who arrive early must either go to extended care or be supervised by a parent until a teacher arrives. Campers in AM extended care spend time with our caring staff and we assist campers to arrive at their 9:00 AM program. We can also provide a delicious, healthy breakfast for an additional fee. Campers or students who arrive early may participate in the breakfast club and will not be charged for extended care. Breakfast is served in the Main Hall and opens at 8:00 am.
    Families who will be using afternoon extended care, please make every effort to arrive by 6:00 pm. We recognize that there are times when unavoidable challenges arise and therefore, our policy is that after two occurrences of lateness, a $1.00 per minute penalty will be incurred. That fee is to be paid directly to the staff who stayed late with your child.
  • Meals

    Summer Lunch Menu

    The Lunch Program
    Included in all Full Day, ¾ Day, and Half-day Programs

    Breakfast Club
    You must be preregistered for the Breakfast Club, which costs $80 per session.
    Breakfast Club
    You must be preregistered for the Breakfast Club. The kitchen will be open from 8:00-8:30 AM.  Breakfast is served cafeteria-style and may include any variety of fruit, yogurt, cereal, pancakes, eggs, waffles, bacon, sausage, home potatoes, and juice. Breakfast can be purchased in two-week sessions (ten breakfasts per session).

    At 8:00 AM, please go to extended care (Dase Center) and sign in. A counselor will walk children to the Main Hall at 8:00 AM for breakfast.   After 8:00 AM, campers may check-in with the group already at breakfast. We will accept registrations for Breakfast Club up to five days before the session starts. You cannot sign up for breakfast on the first day of a session. If you cancel your Breakfast Club registration on the first day, you will still be charged the full amount.                                      

    The Lunch Program – Included in all Full Day, ¾ Day, and Half-day Programs

    School lunch has never been this good. Our dining services use fresh ingredients and provide campers with healthy meals with plenty of options.  Our chefs create a well-balanced menu and our hot meal options include Asian, Italian, Mexican and American dishes.  In addition to buying produce and meat from local California farmers, we use vegetables and herbs from our organic garden whenever possible.  Meals are served cafeteria style in our dining hall and campers can return for seconds.  Our lunch program is included with all half-day or more program registrations.  Breakfast can be purchased for an additional fee.  We believe eating together builds community.
    Our chefs work with families as much as possible to accommodate food allergies. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are readily available.          
    • All lunches will be served in the Main Hall and always have hot, healthy kid-friendly options. Note: We do not provide lunch on field trip days. Campers will need to pack a lunch on field trip days.
    • Drinks include plain water, fruit-infused water, and milk. We do not provide soda and ask you not to bring it.
  • Private Swim Lessons

    Sessions 1, 2, 3
    Ages 4 and up
    $185 Eight 20-minute private lessons per session
    Private Swim Lessons offer on-one-one instruction, so no matter what swim level your child is at they will get the needed attention to develop or progress their skills, build their confidence and love the water. We offer lessons to children at all swim levels.  Little swimmers will discover how to fully submerge their face and blow bubbles and experience supported floating and kicking on front and back.  More advanced swimmers will begin to learn alternating arm action, swimming underwater, rhythmic breathing, basic diving, and the major swim strokes.  For swimmers ready for even more advanced techniques or siblings who would prefer to take lessons together, a program can be adapted to meet your swimmer’s individual needs.  
    No makes-ups for missed lessons. Upon registration, you are reserving a spot for your child and we will schedule an instructor based on your registration. We understand situations may occur that require last minute cancellations. However, it is not possible for us to reschedule, therefore, our policy is that we do not guarantee make-ups or offer refunds or credit for missed lessons.
    This summer we will not offer morning lessons. Swim lessons will start at 12:45 pm. Private Swim Lessons may be added during camp to PM DMSC Camp schedule. Classes can sign-up after Period D.
    *Early Bird Discount applies ONLY with additional camp program registration. Sibling Discount applies.

  • Traffic Safety

    To ensure safety for everyone, we need your help and cooperation. The traffic situation in the parking lot is a significant safety concern for staff and parents. Please, NO CELL PHONES IN THE PARKING LOT. Please honor the 5 mph speed limit. You must drive slowly and watch for children. If you want to walk your children to their classrooms, please park in the lower parking lot, cross at the crosswalk and walk up using the road closest to the soccer field. Please do not walk down the center of the road.
  • Nurse's Corner

    Please keep your child home if he or she has a high temperature, an aggressive cough that is difficult to control with over the counter medications, or a runny nose that may indicate an infection.
    Only medications that cannot be timed to be administered at home should be sent to school. (Medications to be given 3 times a day usually can be taken before and after school and at bedtime).
    All medications must have an accompanying written statement from the physician detailing the purpose and method of dispensing the medication. Prescription medications must be labeled clearly and in the original dispenser.
    Children who will carry asthma inhalers or EpiPens must fill out a statement from the physician indicating the child understands the purpose, appropriate method, and frequency of use of the emergency medication. This information is to be included in your health notes and the physician statement is to be turned into the summer school nurse.
    The nurse will not be on campus after August 5, 2020. If you need any medications returned, it is your responsibility to contact the nurse to set up a time you can come to campus.
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