We use technology at Athenian as a tool to practice communicating, thinking critically, collaborating, solving problems, and creating. You will learn basic iPad skills, organization tips, and other best practices for different application. Just as your teachers use textbooks and notebooks, they will also use apps and programs to challenge you and support the curriculum.  The Middle School also has a classroom set of Macbook Airs that you will use to learn how to make your own music and videos.
Examples of Athenian technologies:
  • myAthenian – a password-protected area of the website where users can view course syllabi, internet resource links, assignments and private information.
  • Microsoft Office 365, a browser-based collaboration software, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive for Business and Outlook.
  • Library Research Center – a central hub of the campus that provides a place where students may access computers any time of the day.
  • Library online catalog system and access to selected research tools, including online databases and tools for using the internet to the best academic advantage.
  • Wireless access in all academic buildings and the dorms.

Why 1:1?

First, we wanted to make sure every student has access to a computer in order to complete the lessons and assignments teachers have prepared. More importantly, The Athenian School is committed to preparing students to be successful 21st-century citizens, including supporting essential skill areas – complex communication, new media literacy, creativity, and self-directed learning. While these skills might be taught without the use of technology, when used effectively, technology can empower students, enhance learning experiences, and engender unprecedented opportunities to develop personalized and student-centered learning. The Middle School has a leased iPad program and the Upper School has a Bring Your Own Device program with annual specifications. 
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