Our Community

At Athenian, we try to create a school-wide community that embraces individuality, a multicultural community, curiosity, and respect for all. The Upper School has a variety of ways in which we work to intentionally build a strong community that fosters connections and deep learning.

Join a Club

Athenian students have a vast range of interests and passions and Athenian's student-led clubs reflect that. All students can create a new club with a few peers and a faculty advisor. 

Some of Athenian's current clubs include: 

Applied Science Club
Asian Club
Azine (Student literary magazine)
Book Club
Business & Investment Club
Community Action Board (CAB) 
Conservation Club: Electric Car Project
Conservative Club
Drama Advisory Board
Engineering and Robotics Club
Fashion Club
Gender Equity Club
International Hip-Hop Club
Interweave (Gay-straight alliance)
Latino Culture and Spanish Language Club
Library Advisory Board
Model UN
Outdoor Adventure Club
Parkour Club
Political Action Club
QED Math Club 
Round Square Club
Students of Color Coalition

Foster Community

List of 3 items.

  • Advisory

    All students are paired with an advisor with whom we hope you will form a positive mentoring relationship. Mixed grade advisory groups of 6-10 students meet weekly to share food, play games, de-stress, and counsel each other. We encourage you to approach your advisor for guidance on academic and personal concerns; your advisor typically stays with you through your Upper School experience.
  • All School Gatherings

    In addition to regular weekly meetings, students, faculty, and staff also come together for a variety of activities throughout the year that promote the ideals of service, citizenship, and mutual respect. The beginning of every school years starts with an orientation by grade-level--students are either on campus doing group bonding activities or on overnight trips that allow students and faculty to get to know each other outside of the classroom. An annual Convocation, Tim Holm Day (a day of service in honor of an alum who passed away), and several other days throughout the year allow the community to engage in dialogue, play, and celebration.
  • Community Meetings

    The entire Upper School comes together two times a week for a variety of community meetings. These include:

    Morning Meeting, a time for announcements and community sharing

    Town Meeting, the Upper School's version of student government which allows for democratic participation

    Symposium, similar to a traditional school assembly, often involving guest speakers, performances, and presentations

    U.N.C.E.N.S.O.R.E.D., aka Unusual News, Commentary, Entertainment, Nattering, Speculation, Opinion, and Report for Edification and Delight. Based loosely on the tradition of a Quaker meeting, this forum is designed to discuss issues of interest to the community.

    Let's Talk,
     student-led forums for problem-solving community issues
"I began to have a greater relationship with my advisor, who also happens to be my English teacher. Earlier this year, I wasn't getting the grade I wanted to get in a class and he advised me to go to the teacher and tell them about my frustration. Even the simplest advice can go a long way, and I'm so thankful for any direction my advisor gives me." -Max V. '16

Serve on Advisory Boards

One of the ways in which you can impact the community through democratic participation is through Athenian's Advisory Boards.

The Library Advisory Board meets regularly to decide on library initiatives. For example, in 2013-14, the LAB used Town Meeting funds to establish an outdoor seating area in front of the library.

Community Action Board is a club that brings opportunities for community service actions to campus. CAB hosts an annual blood drive on campus, an extensive holiday gift drive, and various other community events. 

The Drama Advisory Board, in collaboration with the theater department, chooses the productions to be performed each year.

Additionally, students participate in or observe various administrative meetings, including the Curriculum Committee meetings, technology meetings, and campus enhancement discussions.
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