Signature Programs


Academic Program

The Athenian School believes the best way to master academic subjects is to experience their application first hand. In our rigorous academic program, you and other talented students from the East Bay and around the world will immerse yourselves deeply in coursework, inspiring each other to think critically and collaborate as global citizens. As an Athenian graduate, you’ll thrive in any of the nation’s best colleges and be poised for a life of intellectual exploration and meaningful contribution.

Academic Update

On January 25, 2022, we announced that Athenian is moving away from its Advanced Placement (AP) program. The last Upper School AP designated course offerings will run in the 2022-23 school year. We see this as an opportunity to infuse some of our most advanced course offerings with innovative curricula that truly deepens student learning. In addition, shifting from AP to Honors will provide greater consistency about the rigor of our curriculum while clarifying our transcript for colleges and universities. To read about the decision in it's entirety please click here.

A Meaningful Path

At Athenian, we believe that the college process is something that should be reflective, thoughtful and individualized. Our three full-time college counselors work collaboratively with parents, teachers and advisors to ensure that students remain the focus of our process. We recognize that this can be a process laden with anxiety and pressure, but it can also be a wonderful experience of self-discovery. We strive to facilitate the college admissions process in a way that allows students to explore their college options and enroll at a school where they will thrive. As a result, one hundred percent of our graduates are accepted to an outstanding array of four-year schools.

A Passion for Learning

When college prep schools boast about their students getting into prestigious colleges, they often end the story there. Athenian students are highly attractive to the nation's best colleges because of the level of academic preparation they receive here. But it's the intellectual curiosity and the meaningful contributions they make in college and in the world after graduation that truly bring us satisfaction.

Learn more about our college counseling program here.