How much will it cost?

In short, camp is free or "pay-what-you-can". The true cost per camper is $3,200, and we encourage you to pay the full amount if your circumstances permit. This includes all camp activities, room, board, and food!

The Athenian Summer Program BIPOC Affinity Camp provides an equitable opportunity for all applicants. We do not want financial limitations to be a barrier to any ideal BIPOC Affinity camper. Thanks to the generous support of our partners, including Attles Foundation, ACE, and Service Max, camp tuition is indexed (on a sliding scale). If your circumstances permit, we ask that you pay the full cost of this wonderful two-week, residential program ($3,200). We encourage you to examine your unique financial circumstance and let us know what you are able to pay up to $3,200 (you will be asked to inform us what you can pay after you are accepted).