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All parents and guardians of Athenian students are members of the Athenian Parent Association (APA), which works to support the school’s mission of intellectual exploration and meaningful contribution. The APA promotes a strong sense of community by facilitating communication between the parent body and the school. We host speakers, serve as a resource to parents, and encourage volunteerism. APA leaders and volunteers play a vital role in coordinating and running school events, which have historically included International Night, family potluck socials, faculty and staff appreciation luncheons, and celebrations of student milestones. 
To stay informed about APA activities and to find out about opportunities to volunteer, read the Weekly every Friday, and come to our regularly scheduled all-parent meetings. All-parent meetings inform parents of volunteer, social, and community-building opportunities. 

For example, Athenian's successful and active Book Club and Walking Group allow parents to build lasting connections and contribute to the greater Athenian community. Our goal is to have families find many ways to get involved, and we look forward to seeing your energy in our community!

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To contact the APA, please email

2021-2022 APA Leadership

Board Members
APA President: Caroline Gates
VP Community Enrichment: Rose Cohen
VP Community Events: Leslie Widmann
Treasurer: Tracey Bracco
Secretary: Megan Ware
Spirit Wear Coordinators: Colleen McClure and Marcy Golden
US Coordinator: Lori Anders
MS Coordinator: Clarissa Ingersol

Middle School Grade Representatives
6th Grade:
  • Bliss German
  • Anita Iyer
7th Grade:
  • Carrie Iwasaki
  • Rochelle Williams
8th Grade:
  • Malti Melvani
  • Debbie Becker

Upper School Grade Representatives
9th Grade:
  • Shaney Boga
10th Grade:
  • Nicole Ambrose
11th Grade:
  • Susan Mun
12th Grade:
  • Elizabeth Carey

To contact the APA, you may also email