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  • Alumni on Campus

    An integral part of student life, alumni return throughout the year as guest instructors, special topic panelists, and student competition judges. Less formally, they drop by to reconnect with favorite teachers, revisit favorite places on campus, and reminisce while browsing the new archives.
  • Alumni Internships and Mentorships

    Athenian cultivates personal connections between alumni and students by facilitating off-campus internships and making introductions. Students may utilize the Advancement team to locate alumni with special topic knowledge and to provide college or career advice.
  • Alumni-to-Alumni Networking

    In addition to organizing group experiences and events worldwide, and helping to promote grassroots events like The Athenian Supper Club, the Advancement team furnishes personal alumni-to-alumni introductions upon request, and when we believe certain alumni might benefit from knowing one another.  
  • Alumni in Athenian Leadership

    In addition to more than a dozen alumni who serve on the Board of Trustees and its sub-committees, the Alumni Council functions as a task force that meets monthly in support of key priorities. Their decades-long connection to Athenian helps ensure that we receive input not just from current stakeholders, but from the greater Athenian community.
  • Alumni Giving and Community Service

    Alumni gifts to the Athenian Annual Fund are integral to offering unforgettable learning experiences. A culture of giving supports our ability to retain outstanding teachers, maintain small class sizes, and offer extraordinary programs such as March Term and AWE.

    The Athenian community also rallies to support alumni endeavors on an ad hoc basis. Students have put in volunteer hours and held bake sales and other fundraisers in support of community needs brought to us by our alumni.

Upcoming Alumni Events

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    Reunion 2021

    Saturday, June 5

    Saturday events will feature lookbacks at quintessential Athenian experiences, with current and former faculty members serving as special guests. Since class cohort breakouts will happen on Sunday with times overlapping, Saturday will be the best day to reconnect with faculty and anyone who you might not see in your individual cohort reunion. We are already expecting Eleanor Dase, Dick Bradford, and Virginia Mack as special guests. A full lineup of returning faculty will be announced in May.
    9:00-9:20 AM PST | Welcome Remarks
    Join Head of School Eric Niles and the Office of Alumni Relations for a check-in on alumni programs and an update on the state of the school.
    9:30-10:15 AM PST | AWE: True Stories from the Trails
    Current and former AWE instructors reflect on their most memorable moments (and ask you for yours!) 
    10:30-11:15 AM PST | Fireside Chat with Current + Former Heads
    Athenian’s fearless leaders discuss what it was like to lead during different eras of the school.
    11:30-12:15 PM PST | Dorm Life Retrospective
    Time to reminisce about dorm life (and finally cop to the pranks you didn’t admit to back then).
    12:30-1:15PM PST | Athenian in Pictures and Film
    Straight from the archives, some of our favorite pictures and movies from campus over time. 
    1:30-2:00 PM PST | The Programs that Shaped Us
    Iconic teachers and coaches talk about the visual art, drama, athletics and other student-favorite programs and how they shaped Athenian. 

    Sunday, June 6

    Virtual meeting spaces will be hosted for groups of alumni from close cohorts (e.g., early 80s, late 80s, early 90s, etc.) Staggered starting times will facilitate the process of folks sorting themselves into their desired rooms. In addition to providing a casual space to visit with your former classmates, each room will feature nostalgia from the Athenian Archives with artifacts from the years corresponding to that cohort!

    9:00-10:30 AM PST | ‘60s and ‘70s Cohorts
    9:30-11:00 AM PST | 80s and 90s Cohorts
    10:00-11:30 AM PST | 00s and 10s Cohorts
    11:30 AM PST | Final Coming Together + Closing Remarks
    Questions? Reach out to us at alumni@athenian.org.
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