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The Arts at Athenian

In today’s rapidly changing world, the development of creativity and imagination has become more imperative than ever. The Athenian Art Department instills confidence and conviction in your artistic abilities and rewards students who are willing to take risks, make mistakes and try again. Athenian celebrates creative expression and promotes an objective appreciation for the processes of making art. You will be able to explore favorite or new art forms, developing skills, a critical approach, and eventually a portfolio of serious work.
The Athenian Art Department is a place where you can learn the language of sound, movement, shape, and form to express yourself creatively and emotionally. In every class you will learn to communicate in your medium while also exploring and developing your own unique voice. Art is a place where you can safely create new ideas and workshop them, responding to the world around you to create meaning. The Arts at Athenian is part of every student's experience and provides a strong background in creative thinking, experimentation, and critique.

Curriculum Summary

Our Middle School Arts program features visual arts, band, and chorus, and theatrical performances.  All sixth grade students take visual art and a music course, while seventh and eight grade students choose between music and visual arts. Theatrical performances take place in classes and on Middle School Focus Days. The arts are a vital part of the Middle School experience.
In the Upper School, we offer an array of visual and performing arts classes. The performing arts disciplines include band, choir, dance, drama, film and theater tech. Visual arts disciplines include ceramics, digital art, drawing, film, painting, photography and sculpture. We have both breadth and depth with numerous arts disciplines and advanced courses in each area. You will be introduced to all that a medium has to offer in the introductory class before moving on to in-depth personal work in the advanced courses. To graduate, students must take two years of art, including one yearlong UC-approved art course. Students can also take additional arts classes depending on their interest, schedules and course availability.

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  • Self-Expression, Risk-Taking, and Social Justice Through the Arts

Upper School Arts Offerings

Visual Arts: 2D Art, 3D Art, Architecture, Digital Art, Photography, Advanced Architecture, Advanced Art, Advanced Photography, Architecture Theory, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture, Environmental Art, Advanced Art- Portfolio Development, Humanitas, The Art and Science of Making, Yearbook
Theater and Film: Dramatic Arts, Advanced Drama, Filmmaking, Advanced Filmmaking, Documentary Filmmaking, Screenwriting, Fall Play, Winter Musical, Spring Improv Troupe, Theater Production Crew, Technical Theater Production

Music: Small Ensembles, Concert Band, Advanced Music Ensemble, Choir, Advanced Choir, Songwriting

Dance: Contemporary Dance, Choreography, Musical Theater, Dance History, Pedagogy, and Master Classes 

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  • Photo of Sally Baker

    Sally Baker 

    Fine Arts Instructor
  • Photo of Laura Ellis

    Laura Ellis 

    Director of Dance & Choreography
  • Photo of Nora Free

    Nora Free 

    Instrumental Music Instructor
  • Photo of Emily Shinkle

    Emily Shinkle 

    Dean of Residential Life, Choral Music Instructor
  • Photo of Peter Tamaribuchi

    Peter Tamaribuchi 

    Filmmaking Instructor
  • Photo of Adam Thorman

    Adam Thorman 

    Fine Arts Department Chair, Photography Instructor, Soccer Coach
  • Photo of Monica Tiulescu

    Monica Tiulescu 

    Fine Arts Instructor
  • Photo of Misty Ty

    Misty Ty 

    Theater Instructor