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The Pillars of Round Square

Athenian students build important cross-cultural skills for their futures in our global community and programs. On-campus the community and classroom includes international day and boarding students from nearly 20 countries. Far beyond the campus, most of our students participate in our extensive international experiences. Through Round Square, our students take part in: international exchange study, global conferences, and service projects outside the United States. March Term travel programs also take students and faculty on study-travel experiences around the world. An Athenian education encourages students to appreciate and respect different cultures, religions, and languages other than their own and understand themselves as genuinely global citizens. Few schools offer the international programs that Athenian students enjoy.

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What is a Round Square School?

Round Square is an international consortium of like-minded schools that connect and collaborate to develop global competence, character, and confidence in students. Athenian is a founding member and upholds the six pillars of Round Square: internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership, and service. The pillars are visible in every aspect of Athenian, starting with lessons about composting during sixth grade orientation and ending with speeches delivered by class-chosen speakers at graduation.

Athenian's participation in Round Square supports international experiences for the community. From conferences and service projects on six continents to exchange students from dozens of countries that come to Athenian, everyone has an opportunity to learn the importance of an international and multicultural perspective.

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  • Internationally Shared Values

    Round Square: A Global Consortium 
    Athenian shares six core values with all member Round Square schools.

Cailin Plunkett '19

At Athenian, I'm taught to live actively, not passively. I critically inquire about the information I'm presented, I do not take claims at face value, and I work to become a global citizen who is informed about issues both local and global. I do not allow the world to push me along; I work to shape it for the better.