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Middle School Application Process

Applying to Athenian

We are still accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about The Athenian School. Discover Athenian's approach to serious academics through our engaging and experiential teaching as well as some of our unique programs, including Focus Days and class trips.

Our admission process is designed to give us the opportunity to learn about you while you discover Athenian. We look beyond just the typical qualifications. Strong academic performance is important, and we seek students who embrace Athenian's philosophy and approach to education. The Admission Committee also looks for students who will add to the mix of experiences, talents, backgrounds, and perspectives that create a vibrant learning community.

To apply or to register for an upcoming campus visit or an event, please set up an account in Ravenna or log in here

The Admission Team is here to help you in the application process. Please contact us with any questions here

Application steps:

  1. Create an account in Ravenna by clicking here.
  2. Once in Ravenna, find Athenian in the School Directory and hit "apply." 
  3. Familiarize yourself with all application steps, required and optional, listed in Ravenna.
  4. Complete the Applicant Household Information Form in Ravenna and submit the $100 application fee. This form is the "preliminary application" and is due as soon as possible, but no later than February 15. (Please contact Athenian Admission for a fee waiver if the cost is a hardship for your family.) 
  5. Register for fall and winter events in Ravenna.
  6. Fulfill the additional required application steps found in Ravenna (and outlined to the right) by February 15, 2023. 

Additional Required Steps:

List of 8 items.

  • Visit Campus

    We have completed our formal admission events for 2023-2024 school year applicants.  

    A Campus Experience is part of the application process. To register for a Campus Experience and other admission events, sign up or log in to Ravenna. You'll find all currently available events and dates listed in Ravenna. If you have not yet started the application process, you will need to hit the green "apply" button to register for events. Registration confirmation will be sent from help@ravennasolutions.com to the email address used to create your account in Ravenna.
  • Student Statement

    Students must complete the student statement. The questions/prompts can be found in Ravenna and are shared with some other independent schools.
  • Parent/Guardian Questionnaire

    Parents and guardians must fill out this form to assist the Admission Committee in learning more about each student and their families. This form can be found in Ravenna.
  • Teacher Recommendation Forms

    Each student must have two (2) teachers complete these forms. 
    • Be sure to include each teacher's email address so that the forms can be sent to them.
    • At least one recommendation must be from a current teacher. The second recommendation can come from the previous year teacher (i.e. If you're applying for the 6th grade you can request it from a 4th grade teacher).
    Please log in to Ravenna to enter the names of the teachers and their email addresses. 
  • Transcript Request

    This form must be completed and submitted to the student's current school to authorize the release of documents.
    • The Athenian School requires a transcript of grades or report card for the current 2022-2023 school year and a final transcript of grades or report card for the 2021-2022 school year. Schools can submit transcripts electronically or in hard copy.
    • IMPORTANT: In order to avoid duplicating your school registrar’s efforts, registrars are instructed that records not be sent until first trimester or second quarter or first semester grades are completed. If your school term ends after the application deadline, they will send 2022-2023 grades as soon as possible after the second quarter or semester has ended.
  • Math & Writing Exercise

    This will be administered on campus by an Admissions Team member. Log in to Ravenna to sign up for one of three dates offered
    (December 3, January 28, and February 11). These activities are not a pass/fail test, but rather are designed to assist in evaluating the readiness of prospective students.

  • Standardized Testing (not required or accepted)

    Athenian does not require an entrance examination for students applying for fall entry. Please do not submit any standardized testing scores as they will not be reviewed nor considered by the Admission Committee.
  • Principal/Counselor Recommendation (optional)

    If the principal or counselor does not receive an email containing the secure link to the recommendation form, please contact the Admission Office at admission@athenian.org or 925-362-7223. We will assist in providing the recommendation form to the principal or counselor.