BIPOC Camp Operations & Program Manager

Job Summary: In close collaboration with the Co-Directors and Counselors of BIPOC Camp, the Operations and Program Manager(OPM) will help lead our BIPOC camp program to success for both staff and campers. The OPM will ensure the logistics of camp runs smoothly, including supporting with: camper form/information completion, meals/snacks coordination, field trip logistics, health, safety and emergency procedures (working in tandem with school nurse), facilities coordination, camp set up/clean up, camper arrival and departure logistics, and staff appreciation logistics. Additionally the OPM will also live on campus in the dorms with campers/counselors, and plan/coordinate specific night-time programs/activities and dorm procedures. Finally the OPM will be responsible for social media and photo/marketing collection materials during camp.

Please fill out the application for BIPOC Camp Operations & Program Manager here
Employment dates:
  • Pre-camp Planning (starting in May/June, about 15 hours total)
  • Staff Training (July 6-7)
  • Camp Dates (July 8– July 20)
  • Post-camp Close-out

  • Must be a strong, positive team player and enjoy working in a camper-centered environment.
  • Interest in empowering and affirming BIPOC youth 
  • You are excited to learn more about Diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice even when it feels uncomfortable
  • Interest in operations and project planning and working across different departments
  • Organized, timely and good at getting lots of things done in fast-paced environment
  • Experience creating and facilitating activities for middle schoolers
  • Ability to work under pressure and make sound camper-centered decisions in the moment
  • Strong communicator and large group presentation/facilitation/training experience is preferred
  • Prior summer camp experience is preferred 
  • Must have experience working with BIPOC youth or community
  • Internalize and execute on vision of camp
    • Understand how these will be instilled through role and camp program
    • Help Create a camp environment that instills core values from the beginning of camp to the end (for staff as well as campers)
    • Be a role model for campers and staff at all times, demonstrating type of community member and leader we aspire to be
    • Help create a safe space for staff and campers
    • Capture photos, videos, anecdotes, etc. for social media purposes/marketing/grants, ensuring “no photography” campers are not included
    • Facilitate specific night time activities for campers
  • Collaborate with Co-Director to Plan and Prepare for BIPOC camp (5 hours starting in May/June)
    • Plan camp activities for night program and dorm procedures
    • Help plan staff training and lead activities
  • Stay overnight and support Counselors
    • Support staff to maintain a safe environment during the night and in the dorms 
    • Support the distribution of medication to students
    • Support lights out procedures
  • Support camp operations, safety and staff policy adherence 
    • Work with the BIPOC Co-Director of Operations to support camp logistics, including:
      • Purchasing materials
      • incident reports follow up and completion
      • field trip logistics
      • meals and snacks
      • facilities coordination
      • camp set up/clean up
      • camper arrival and departure logistics
      • staff appreciation logistics
      • health and safety 
      • camp materials pack up and returned to storage

The position is based on a stipend for the duration of camp and includes staff training, onboarding and pre-camp work hours. The range for the stipend for OPM is $2,412-~$3,100. Benefits include competitive compensation, a day off per week, free meals during work and opportunity to spend an incredible and meaningful couple of weeks making a significant impact on youth. Our program is located on our school campus in Danville, Ca.

Athenian’s BIPOC Affinity camp was founded in 2021 in partnership with the Attles Center for Excellence, and provides a 2-week, overnight summer camp free of charge for rising 7th and 8th grade BIPOC campers. Our aim is for Black, Indigenous, and youth of Color  to connect over leadership skills, innovation, advocacy, and outdoor adventure. In our pilot program, 15 campers went white water rafting, coded web pages on a social justice topic of their choice, visited the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and California Academy of Science, and challenged themselves on an intensive ropes course.

In addition to programming on belonging, identity, leadership, innovation and adventure, we facilitate campers reflections on their self-determination within the educational experience. The transition between middle school and high school is a critical one, and we help students think through their style of learning, personal needs for academic success, and ways to advocate for themselves as Black, Indigenous, and youth of color. Our hope is to support campers in the realization of their power to make a difference in each others' lives as a collective force for liberation in education. 

Cohorts of Affinity campers attend for 2 consecutive summers (rising 7th and 8th graders), and are encouraged to apply to Athenian (or other schools of their choice) in their 8th grade. We provide support with the admissions process, as well as access to the Athenian Affinity Camp Financial Aid Budget. 

Our hope is that these future Athenian students of color begin developing positive relationships with each other and adults at Athenian, and feel a real sense of belonging and support from the start of their experience. As the program grows, we have plans to have Affinity camp Alumni become camp counselors and mentors, (as well as during the school year) and see Affinity Camp programs become a systemic virtuous cycle on our campus.