APA Book Group "Hot" Topic: Menopause, with special guest Dr. Leah Millheiser

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"What to Expect When You're Expecting...Menopause," with special guest, Dr. Leah Millheiser. 
Dr. Millheiser directs the female sexual medicine program at the Stanford University School of Medicine and is an expert on menopause, and the mother of two Athenian students. Dr. Millheiser will lead a discussion of the hot topics of current menopause treatment, including HRT to empower you to live your best life.
If you want to read in advance, we will be focusing our discussion on ESTROGEN MATTERS: Why Taking Hormones in Menopause Can Improve Women's Well-Being and Lengthen Their Lives--Without Raising the Risk of Breast Cancer, by Avrum Bluming, MD, and Carol Tavris, PhD.