Athenian Wilderness Experience

The Athenian Wilderness Experience is an unparalleled program that our alumni tell us is one of the defining experiences of their adolescence, one that develops critical skills for the future: cross-cultural team work, collaborative problem solving, appreciation of the environment, and knowledge of self. 
Three and a half weeks of immersive experience in the backcountry challenges students to step beyond their comfort zone in a safe and supported way. Students come to realize what has become our sort of AWE tagline, adopted from wilderness education guru Kurt Hahn, that “there is more in you than you know.” They are successful in the program because they are part of a team that fosters empathy, compassion, teamwork, and resilience. With the caring guidance of expert field directors and wilderness instructors, students are able to face a rigorous, hard experience and persevere through it with a new perspective about themselves and the inevitable challenges we all face throughout our lives.