Swim Lessons

Eight 20-minute lessons in a session, M-TH. 
Ages 4 and up offered Session 1, 2, 3.

From bubbles to flip turns, we offer one-on-one swim lessons to children at all swim levels. Little swimmers will discover how to fully submerge their face and blow bubbles and experience supported floating and kicking on front and back. More advance swimmers will begin to learn alternating arm action, swimming under water, and rhythmic breathing, and the major strokes. For swimmers ready for even more advanced techniques, a program can be adapted to meet your swimmers individual needs. Sorry, no make-ups for missed lessons.
On the first day of camp your camper will be in the pool for a swim assessment to determine current swim level and goals for the end of camp. We follow aquatics safety procedures determined by the American Red Cross and have certified Lifeguards on deck at all times when campers are inside the pool gates.

Swim lessons are included in all Full day Trail Blazers Camp registrations. 
*Note: Make up swim lessons are not provided

There are two different options for campers who want to participate in swim lessons: “Add on” Swim Lessons during camp hours, and Private Swim Lessons after camp hours.

“Add on” Swim Lessons -

Session One: $153 
Session Two/Three: $175

Campers enrolled in Summit Seekers, Sports Camp, Little Owls, Half-Day Trail Blazers, and Half-Day Gear Up can add on swim lessons during their day-camp hours for an additional cost. Our camp staff will pick up these campers from their camp programs and take them to their swim lessons (and back). These swim lessons are taught by trained lifeguards and swim instructors, and are small groups of two students to one instructor.

Private Swim Lessons - $192.50 (Session One)
Private Swim Lessons - $225 (Sessions Two/Three)

Private Swim lessons occur after camp hours and are one-on-one, 20 minute individualized lessons with our trained lifeguards and swim instructors. These occur between 3:30 and 5:30pm from Monday through Thursday.

Day-Campers who sign up for Private Swim Lessons: If your child attends our day-camp options and you have also registered your camper for private swim lessons (between 3:30-5:15p), your child will be directed to our PM Extended Care program at no additional charge until the the time of their swim lesson. We ask that you plan to pick-up your child 30 minutes after the start time of their swim lesson—please check your registration here to find out the time that your child is signed up for. After their swim lesson is complete, they will be taken back to PM Extended Care until you arrive.