BIPOC Residential Counselor

Job Summary: Counselors are the primary supervisors and mentors for their campers—playing a significant role in meeting important community and identity outcomes for campers. They hold the key responsibility of being the #1 staff member that campers will associate their camp experience with. Counselors rotate living in the campus dorms with campers and other counselors and support individual campers’ growth as well as the group dynamics by participating in all-camp programming together, eating meals with campers, and creating dorm programming. Counselors work in collaboration with many other staff members to grow in their youth development skills and facilitation/planning skills.

Please fill out the job application for BIPOC Residential Counselor here
Employment dates: 
  • Staff Training (July 6-7) 
  • Camp Dates (July 8 – July 20)
  • Post-camp Close-out

  • Must be a strong, positive team player and enjoy working in a camper-centered environment
  • You love fast-paced environments where you can “go all in,” get cheesy, silly, and let your “freak flag fly”
  • You’re a hard worker!
  • You love working with kids and don’t mind awkwardness. You have a knack for building relationships quickly and letting guards come down
  • You are excited to learn more about Diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice even when it feels uncomfortable
  • Interest in empowering and affirming BIPOC youth 
  • Experience working with middle school-aged and early high school-aged students preferred
  • Must have experience working with BIPOC youth or community
  • Summer camp programs preferred
  • Sleep in dorms with kids (except on your days off) 
  • Internalize vision and plan camp program
    • Understand how these will be instilled through management and training of staff
    • Create a camp environment that instills values from the beginning of camp to the end (for staff as well as campers)
    • Be a role model for campers and staff at all times, demonstrating type of community member and leader we aspire to be
  • Provide camper mentorship and guidance as campers experience camp programming (that can sometimes bring up sensitive topics and triggering memories for youth). Act as the first person campers go to for support in physical or emotional needs, conflict mediation, sensitive issues
  • Ensure (and be hyper-vigilant) of camper safety 
  • Support and plan camp programs and activities. Facilitate a positive dorm and camp culture
  • Participate in team meetings to problem-solve any in the moment challenges, assess progress towards program goals, camper needs
  • Participate in clean up after last day of camp, and participate in post-camp celebrations/reflections
  • Must attend field trips that are assigned to you 
  • Communicate effectively with other staff 
  • Counselors are expected to be part of the residential experience(Modeling dormitory safety and rules) , and dormitory housing and food are provided as part of this role. 
  • Counselors must also be able to participate in the full range of camp offerings, including hiking, SF field trips, etc

The position is based on a stipend for the duration of camp and includes staff training, starting at $1,675. Benefits include competitive compensation, a day off per week, free meals during work and opportunity to spend an incredible and meaningful couple of weeks making a significant impact on youth. Our program is located on our Athenian school campus in Danville, Ca.

Athenian’s BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or Person of Color) Affinity camp was founded in 2021 in partnership with the Attles Center for Excellence, and provides a 2-week, overnight summer camp free of charge for rising 7th and 8th grade BIPOC campers. Our aim is for BIPOC youth to connect over leadership skills, innovation, design, outdoor adventure, and advocacy. Creating a space that makes youth feel safe, seen, respected, and loved makes these connections possible. In our pilot program, 15 campers went white water rafting, coded web pages on a social justice topic of their choice, visited the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and California Academy of Science, and challenged themselves on an intensive ropes course.

In addition to programming on belonging, identity, leadership, innovation and adventure, we facilitate campers reflections on their self-determination within the educational experience. The transition between middle school and high school is a critical one, and we help students think through their style of learning, personal needs for academic success, and ways to advocate for themselves as youth of color. Our hope is to support campers in the realization of their power to make a difference in each others' lives as a collective force for liberation in education. 

Cohorts of Affinity campers attend for 2 consecutive summers (rising 7th and 8th graders), and are encouraged to apply to Athenian (or other schools of their choice) in their 8th grade. We provide support with the admissions process, as well as access to the Athenian Affinity Camp Financial Aid Budget. 

Our hope is that these future Athenian students of color begin developing positive relationships with each other and adults at Athenian, and feel a real sense of belonging and support from the start of their experience. As the program grows, we have plans to have Affinity camp Alumni become camp counselors and mentors, (as well as during the school year) and see Affinity Camp programs become a systemic virtuous cycle on our campus.