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The Athenian School Helps School in Africa

Student fundraiser, 30-Hour Famine, raises money for school in Zambia.

Letter from the Founder
My name is Ken Hoffman. My wife, Joy, and I teach at the American International School in Lusaka, Zambia. We also started and operate a school, RHO Appleseed School, for orphans and vulnerable children in a local housing compound. The Athenian School in Danville, CA made an incredible donation to our school. We are a fledgling school and the contribution they made literally kept us afloat.

Gianna Scolini and her wonderful family already sponsor seven (Yes, 7) orphans, but she did not leave it at that. She shared the plight of RHO Appleseed with her Political Action Committee at The Athenian School in Danville, CA where she is a high school senior. They decided to devote the proceeds from their annual fundraiser, 30-Hour Famine, to RHO Appleseed School. We were very excited when we heard about this, but we were absolutely floored when we heard the news that they raised over $3,400 ! I’ve said this before, but the kindness, empathy and generosity displayed by so many friends, family members and strangers has been so uplifting and energizing that it is hard to describe. We get to see up close how much good your contributions are doing for these beautiful people; in that sense the contributions you make from afar demonstrate such faith in humankind that it leaves us in awe. To the students and advisors of the Political Action Committee and the rest of the student body, staff and parents at The Athenian School: A Thousand Thanks!

Ken Hoffman