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We encourage all students to participate and represent their school in interscholastic athletics. At Athenian, we focus on developing student-athletes who display good sportsmanship, are positive role models, and committed athletes to their school, teammates, and coaches. The Athenian coaching staff stresses team first over individual achievement and promotes overall team success and values. This results in teams that have strong social bonds across grade levels that often persist beyond the high school years. The Athenian School recognizes that its interscholastic athletic program is an integral part of the total education program. In addition to athletic skill development, we are charged with the responsibility of instilling in our athletes proper attitudes and behaviors that reflect the ideas of citizenship, sportsmanship, and cooperation, as well as building self-discipline and self-esteem.

Athenian competes in the North Coast Section Division 5 of approximately 30 schools depending on sports.  Athenian finds itself being invited to the North Coast Section end of season tournaments in recent years.  Only the top 16 placing schools are invited.  Athenian’s success in athletics and numerous league championships has grown over the last 10 years, so much so that 80% of the student body participates in at least one sport.  This has allowed Athenian to be one of the stronger athletic programs in the North Coast Section Division 5.  Our success has afforded many of our student-athletes to continue on playing at the college level.  The graduating class of 2014 saw nine athletes continue on playing in college from the D1 to the D3 level for cross country, track and field, baseball, soccer, tennis, and swimming.

Upper School Interscholastic Team Sports

Cross Country - Men's/Women's Varsity
Equestrian - Men's/Women's Varsity
Sailing - Men's/Women's Varsity
Soccer - Men's Varsity and Junior Varsity
Tennis - Women's Varsity
Volleyball - Women's Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Frosh/Soph

Basketball - Men's Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Frosh/Soph
Basketball - Women's Varsity and Junior Varsity
Wrestling - Men's/Women's Varsity

Badminton - Men's/Women's Varsity
Baseball - Men's Varsity
Equestrian - Men's/Women's Varsity
Golf - Men's/Women's Varsity
Sailing - Men's/Women's Varsity
Soccer - Women's Varsity and Junior Varsity
Swimming - Men's/Women's Varsity
Tennis - Men's Varsity and Junior Varsity
Track & Field - Men's/Women's Varsity

Athletics Team Information

Upcoming Games

    • Video by Peters Suh, alumni parent volunteer

"From this newfound drive and determination, I have seen significant improvements in my swimming that I never thought was possible and a sense of accomplishment, no matter the outcome, because I know I have done my best. This lesson [from my coach] has transcended beyond the swimming pool and I’ve applied it to all aspects of my life. I have tried to challenge myself and try new things whether it is by committing to talking twice in every class or go completely out of my comfort zone and decide to participate in a community service trip in South Africa this coming summer. " - Natalie K. '16

Physical Education

Athletics and physical fitness are important not just for health but for learning. Rather than a traditional PE class where you rotate through different sports and activities, you have the option of taking any of Athenian's faculty-led PE courses, ranging from hiking Athenian's hills to yoga to basketball. PE classes meet three times a week. Students can fulfill their PE requirement by participating in a team sport.

Students who participate in athletics or physical fitness outside of Athenian can qualify for Independent P.E. credit. 

Health & Wellness

Health involves more than just physical fitness and we incorporate social and mental health into our curriculum. Athenian recently started offering mindfulness classes to Upper School students (and parents) in an effort to provide more health and wellness options to students on campus.

In 9th grade, you will take a Health & Wellness class taught by the Deans of Students and Equity and Inclusion, Athletic Director, and School Counselor. You will explore themes of human development, particular what teenagers typically face as they navigate high school. With your classmates, you will discuss time management, internet safety, moral courage, relationships, self esteem, and gender roles, among other things. You will also complete CPR training.

Our students' health and wellness is supported by an Upper School Counselor, the Director of Learning Services, and a school nurse.
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