Global Citizenship

The world is in need of more adept and creative problem solvers, and as an Athenian graduate, you'll be prepared to make a positive impact as a global citizen. Because our school community, by design, includes international boarding students and exchange students from Round Square, a worldwide consortium of schools, you'll have the chance to practice seeing issues from many points of view without even leaving Athenian's campus. You'll also have opportunities to travel and live abroad through exchanges, international service projects, interactive conferences, and interim trips. In our international and multicultural community, students learn to navigate and respect cultures, religions and languages other than their own, and see themselves as genuinely global citizens.

I feel that Athenian has opened my eyes to all the world has to offer. Athenian allowed me to immerse myself in other cultures by going on exchange during high school. I had always dreamed of going to Argentina and was able to spend four weeks living with a family and practicing my Spanish in Buenos Aires. International exchange, along with the global focus of many Athenian classes, changed my perspective on the world and made me into a more open and adventurous person. Throughout my seven years at Athenian, I have made many friends from almost every continent. They have shown me what life is truly like for all types of people across the world and have filled me with a new optimism about all that is still out there to discover and learn. -Kelsey Strand '14

Round Square

Through Athenian's membership in Round Square, you will be able to take advantage of Round Square's many international opportunities. 

Go On Exchange

Upper School students have the opportunity to live in another country while on exchange to any of the over 100 Round Square member schools and/or host exchange students in their home. Students on exchange often live with host families, which provide a window into the life of the country; students are asked to enter their new environment with an open mind, an open heart, and a spirit of adventure. Expected to play a full and active role in school life, Athenians represent their home school while soaking in their surroundings. Exchange students coming to Athenian participate as full members of our community. Every Athenian student has the opportunity for cultural exchanges and making friends from around the world, even if they do not go on an international adventure. You can learn more about Athenian students' experiences on exchange by reading the Student Exchange Blog

Attend an International Conference

Every year, a Round Square member school hosts delegations of students and faculty at a five day conference that explores a theme related to Round Square's Pillars. The Sanskaar Valley School in Bhopal, India and King's Academy in Madaba, Jordan, are co-hosting conferences in the fall of 2014. The themes for the conferences are "We may not have it all together but together we have it all" and "Peace be with you" respectively. 

Participate in an International Service Project

Service projects bring together students from different Round Square schools to build a classroom in rural Peru, construct a teen center in Romania, or build play equipment in South Africa. These projects are typically several weeks long over winter or summer break and incorporate service, outdoor adventure, and cultural exchanges.
"We get the opportunity to learn about cultures around the world and then apply our knowledge to the international experiences we are given the opportunity to take. We learn and then apply our learning to real world situations. We get to experience the real deal here at Athenian." --Emma R. '16, who traveled to Costa Rica in 7th grade and South Africa in 10th grade for Interim trips. 
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