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  • Counseling

    In addition to our College Counselors, we have a dedicated Upper School counselor available to all students to help you meet the challenges of high school. Our school counselor can meet with students individually, help with peer mediation, crisis intervention, and parent consultation.

    You can contact Barbara Carlino, Upper School Counselor, or visit her in her office in Courtside.
  • Dining

    Our dining service run by Epicurean Group uses fresh ingredients and offers three healthy meals a day for boardings students during the week. Day students can sign up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner ahead of time. We cook cuisines from around the world, ranging from Asian and Italian to Mexican and American. Athenian's chefs are especially sensitive to the dietary and health needs of a diverse boarding population; they are eager to get to know you and have remarkable memories for your food preferences and allergies. Day students, boarding students, faculty and staff, and residential families eat meals together.
  • Learning Services

    Athenian's learning services embraces students' strengths and skill levels and is here to help every student at Athenian succeed. Our goal is to help students build resiliency and become strong self-advocates; students who have a deep understanding of how they learn can help their teachers with how best to challenge and guide them. We recognize that all students learn differently and we will collaborate with you, your parents, your teachers, and an educational therapist to ensure every student's' fair opportunity for success. 

    Students and parents can contact Jeannine Morales, Director of Learning Services, or visit her office upstairs in the Main Hall.

    Fun fact: Athenian uses Arial font on our website because it's one of the three easiest fonts for people with dyslexia to read.
  • Library

    The library is as much a community center as a place to do research. Our librarians host contests and competitions, study halls, and research workshops. Athenian's librarians can help you navigate the many databases Athenian has access to, the library catalog, and best online search practices. 

    Learn more about the library.

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  • Technology

    We use technology at Athenian as a tool to practice communicating, thinking critically, collaborating, solving problems, and creating. In the Upper School, you will bring your own device (which meets our specifications) to school to take notes, research, and complete projects. Just as your teachers use textbooks and notebooks, they will also use apps and programs to challenge you and support the curriculum.

    With specifications that are updated each school year. The new specifications will be sent to incoming parents via the new family newsletter in June.
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