Financial Aid FAQs

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Q. How does the school determine the tuition amount for my family?
IF a family wants to be considered for a tuition rate less than the maximum, they will need to complete and submit a Parent Financial Statement form (PFS) through an organization called School and Student Services (SSS). You will submit your most recent tax returns through SSS as well. SSS will then provide Athenian with an estimated family contribution for review.
The methodology takes into account a family’s gross taxable and non-taxable income, assets, liabilities, unusual expenses, family size, and the number of students in tuition-charging schools or colleges. After allowances for basic necessities and taxes, as well as a cost of living adjustment for the San Francisco Bay Area, a portion of the remaining funds are considered available for education.

Q. How many families pay less than the maximum tuition?
26% of our students and families pay less than the maximum tuition supported by a budget of $4.2M. Note: We do our best to meet the tuition needs of applicant families however requests historically exceed the budget that supports this program.

Q. Can International students apply?
Yes. All students and their families can apply. Complete all required documents with School and Student Services (SSS) including the International Student Financial Aid Profile. For families living outside the United States and who do not file U.S. tax documents, please submit official income/asset documentation such as foreign tax returns and/or official wage statements from employers. If tax information is in a language other than English, please submit a translated copy. All supporting documents (wage statements, the International Student Financial Aid Profile etc.) are to be uploaded as “additional documents” since they are not “required” within School and Student Services (SSS).

Q. Is there a fee waiver for families applying?
Fee waivers are automatically granted through SSS if a family qualifies. SSS uses the income and asset information in the application to determine eligibility for a fee waiver. Qualifying families will bypass all payment screens when their PFS (Personal Financial Statement) is complete.

Q. What assets will be considered in determining my family's tuition amount?
In addition to salary, the following assets are considered on the application: equity in your home and any other properties, checking and savings, stocks, and bonds. In most cases, retirement funds (401K, 503b, IRA, etc.) are not used in this equation. All financial information submitted by family’s is held in strict confidence.

Q. How do parents who are separated, divorced, or never married apply?
Each parent of the child must apply and provide required financial documentation. Please contact the Admission Office if you have any questions or concerns about this process.

Q. What if our family chooses to not apply this year, but needs to in the future?
If affordability becomes a challenge due to a change in circumstances, we encourage families to apply.

Q. Do families currently paying the maximum tuition need to apply or submit financial documents? 
No. Only families who want to be considered for a tuition rate below the maximum amount need to apply and submit financial documentation.

Q. Will applying affect my child's chances for admission?
Admission and tuition decisions are made separately. However, Athenian depends on tuition revenue for much of our program and thus cannot meet the tuition needs of all families. Since we cannot guarantee that we will be able to match the family contribution estimate determined through SSS, families are encouraged to explore other means of meeting educational expenses also.

Q. Do we have to reapply each year?
Yes, each family's tuition amount is reviewed annually. Significant changes in a family's financial circumstances may increase or decrease the amount a family pays.

Q. What if I have questions or concerns about the tuition the school expects me to pay?
Please reach out to the Admission team so that a discussion can take place about your questions and/or concerns.

Q. How do I apply? 
To be considered for a tuition amount less than the maximum, you must complete the Parents' Financial Statement (see below) and submit tax returns. Both natural parents and stepparents must complete a financial aid application.
The Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) should be completed online at the Student Service for Financial Aid website
  • You will need the Athenian School Code (also referred to as Partner Code) to create your account: 1414
  • If you are applying to more than one school you will just complete this form once and enter relevant school codes. Contact the Admission Office if you have trouble filing online or if you have any questions.
Q. When must applications be completed to be considered for a tuition amount less than the maximum?
New families must submit their applications by Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Returning families must submit their applications by Sunday, January 15, 2023.

Q. What if I need help completing the application?
Contact 800-344-8328 or for questions about completing the tuition application. For all other questions, contact the Admission Office here.